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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

Oh god I remember hubby and I doing it a couple of days before my due date when I was preggers with my 1st. It was a Saturday afternoon and I wanted my baby to be born on the Saturday night for some strange reason - must have been the date lol Anyway I remember lying there afterwards wishing for the labour to start and I was so cranky nothing happened! Did anyone use to watch Kath & Kim? The one were Kim finds out she was preggers and had been reading the results wrong and had been sleeping with Brett for ages for no reason as she was already pregnant. Cracks me up just reminds me of hubby & I when the labour didn't start.

better dash need to be at checkup very shortly.

Posted by: Princess_Bubba_Bump
Haha completely normal Kez!!! I am exactly the same smile

For those of you whos bubs are breech are you amazed that you haven't looked down to see a foot hanging out yet? My lil bubba is getting stronger everyday and it HURTS when it kicks!!!

I am starting to get a bit over the whole pregnancy thing now lol can't wait for another 6 weeks or so when I can start trying to help bubba out lmao smile Anyone else keen to try and bring on their labours?

What have you tried and what will you try to bring it on?

Hope everyone is well xx

Lol I really just want to meet my little man so I'm always checking for broken waters or my show! I'm drinking raspberry leaf tea, it works on softening your cervix and prepping your bod for labour. I will try everything as it gets closer as we have a family history of very overdue babies. It's not that I'm over being pregnant I just wanna see my little man!
I hear acupuncture is very good which I'm booked for and also the herbal supplement 5W which you start from 35 weeks.

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

I also need to start the raspberry leaf tea!! I drank it with the girls and forgot to get it today when I went shopping!

I think I am more over the suspense of not knowing bubs sex than the pregnancy itself lol. Sick of buying white lol.

DD#1 was 11 days overdue I had tried EVERYTHING possible but nothing at all worked sad

Well not long now lol smile Hoping to get a start on the nursery this weekend! Will have to kick DH in the butt to get him moving I think smile

my baby is due on the 13th of october


welcome eliza4, is this your 1st baby? Do u know what u are having?

Well had a checkup today my iron is really low which is causing tiredness (i thought that was just from working nights) and shortness of breath. Also got my glucose results back and I just scrapped through. Bubs measuring alittle ahead but everything seems fine. Had my DD with me and when we were listening to the heartbeat the midwife asked DD what was in my tummy, DD told her a rat! Little bugger lol

Someone mentioned feeling a funny kind buzzing feeling "down below" I've been having the same thing wonder what it is???

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

Nice to know it's normal Kez, I've been gettng the same thing & was starting to get concerned.

Someone I know took rasperry leaf tablets of some sort up to her due date & bubs was born pretty close to her due date. I'll have to have a look out for the tea. I'm so over it all by the evening, i'm so big it's hard to get comfortable, it's hard to think i still have another 7 weeks to go. I'll be keen to try anything closer to my due date!

Df annoyed the hell out of me yesterday...I've been eating pretty well this pregnancy, I rarely eat chocolate, cake ect...he said if I wasn't eating a block of chocolate everyday I wouldn't be so big! Grrr, it upset me so much. I wouldn't even eat up to my recommended calories. My belly is all baby & the weight I have put on I know is from changing my lifestlye, I used to workout for 1-2 hours everyday & eat all diet foods. I'd love to see him carry a baby! lol



I don't think ill be taking anything to help labour along but im not too sure. I didn't do anything with DD other then a little bit of sex and i had her 3 days early.


Hi girls,

Well and truly on the countdown in our household because we are working on flexible dates - so we're almost at 31 weeks, but considering I haven't made a due date yet (DD1 was 1 week early and DD2 was 2 weeks early) I'm just telling people 'some time in October' ... I have no idea when people ask me why they insist on a specific DATE that I'm due. Odd, considering most babies don't rock up on due dates!

Been really busy picking up some part time work and that has tested the work/like balance in our house considering both girls have been as sick as ever and turned into little night walkers (I was up between 6 and 9 times a night for 3 weeks!) and I've now picked up their cold and DH has been flat out with work so not much help if I get sick of lugging this big belly out of bed all night.

Was desperately hoping this might be my nice little baby as I hadn't seemed to be getting massive, but its grown heaps in the last week, so I think I'm in for a whopper again (DD2 was 9lb 4oz and 2 weeks early - glad I didn't cook her any longer!!)

AND when I went to the Dr a couple of weeks ago I asked for another scan so I can see bubs again - he couldn't get the referral pad out fast enough! No sob stories or begging or anything, he was more than happy to let me have another one just to look at it. Hopefully I'll get an idea of size (not too worried, I'm accepting it has to come out regardless, but it would be nice to get my head around a big baby if I need to) and finger's crossed, the sex! Went shopping for the most gorgeous summer dresses for the girls on a trip to Melb a couple of weeks ago and SO wanted to buy some nice new things for bubs, but everything's sexed! Even if its just a little romper, there's something making it more boy or girl than neutral - damn it!

anyone else got a laid back Dr - mine is happy to still do monthly appts! So I don't go back for another 3 weeks when I'll be over 34 weeks. I'm happy if he's happy, saves the 1hr 20min drive to get there any more frequently!

Glad to see we're all getting exciting with wriggly bellies!

Isobel 19/7/06 Molly 14/2/08 Sam 4/10/09

Hey Zaralea, that was me about buzzing down below. Asked the midwife yesterday and it's a nerve. Something is pressing on the nerve to make it have that buzzing feeling. Same thing can happen to your eyes making them twitch. Had one eye twitching a few months ago and all of a sudden it stopped.

isobels mum - i get the same thing with the dates. ive started telling people i can expect them anytime in the next 8 weeks and all i get is 'but whats your actual EDD?' its driving me up the wall lol

ive thought about drinking raspberry leaf tea but i dont want to bring labour on too early so will try that in a couple of weeks and maybe sex later if DPs lucky lol but other then that im happy to wait til they are ready to come out even tho im extremly uncomfortable smile
Welcome to the new ladies.

I am normal too! I was starting to get a bit worried for a bit there but reading several posts has put my mind at ease. I dont remember so much discharge from 1st preg but then again I dont remember a lot of things from 1st preg. LOL.

I think I will wait till 38 weeks onwards before trying anything to bring on labour. 1st time around I didnt do anything and labour was spontaneous so am I hoping for the same thing to happen this time around.

I am hoping the preg ticker works this time. I might have it worked out by the time bubs arrives. HAHA

Take care everyone.
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