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Hi to all the new mums! Haven't been on for a few days so thought I should catch up. We all sound like we are suffering the same ills, the general pregnancy aches and pains. Physio suggested I try a preggy stretching class, so I will hopefully start that next week. Baby is such a wriggle worm like you wouldn't believe.
Sometimes it's nice and I love the bonding and other times it makes mumma a little nauseous! I have been having dreams about my baby, that he's here and about feeding him, I hate waking up.
Hope all are well. Talk soon smile

Matthew Edward Murphy 9/10/09

ah the kicks. I am constantly getting kicked in the ribs and sometimes it feels as though the little one is marching in there! Left Right Left Right haha.

I decided I needed some R&R and have taken myself down the Gold Coast to our family unit for a few days on my own. It is nice to be able to go for a walk or take a towel and lie on the beach and read if I want to.

I have been having weird dreams about going into labor, things like my partner not being there and even though I am pushinig, I am still txting him telling hime to hurry up!

Morning ladies,

I think everyone's babies are on the move. I know mine wont stop it's always when my little man is around she jsut adores his voice so cute!! Im getting so excited!!

haha I love the dream "janey" What is it with pregnancy adn the crazy dremas lol. very strange i remember with my first Ds! I gave birth to him and they had to put him back as he wasn't ready what the? Lol.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning, im about to do oasme packing as we are leaving for the coast tomorrow afternoon wont be down again until xmas! My family are missing the little one and want to see me with the belly, plus my niece's are dying to feel the baby kicking. My sister is pregnant also which is great so there will be 6 mths bewtween our babies.

Im loving life at the momemnt things are just wonderful. Hope everyone is happy if not i hope something makes you happy today.

Hi all

welcome to all the new ladies!!

Went to the movies last night haven't been in ages but i was so uncomfortable. bubba was right under my ribs.

Sorry this is a TMI question but is anyone else moist in the pants lol??? Its hard to explain but its clearish i guess and it ain't thick or anything but drys white (sorry TMI). Like i kinda thought have i peed myself or is that my waters breaking a couple times but i would know if i peed myself right?? Oh im confused .

Anyhow have a good day peoples



Welcome and hello to all the new ladies!

Kez- i've been moist down there this whole pregnancy its gotten worse now the baby has shifted lower, before i was able to manage by just changing a liner during teh day, now i actually have to change my panties at least once a day, and on some days my pants too, LOL. My Dr just said its a mix of hormones and extra pressure on the glands, and not to worry unless it changes colour, texture or starts to smell.

I'm in such a good mood, the lino and carpet has been delivered to my bro's house, so not long now till he gets the keys and he can start painting, then i can move in with him, yay!!

- Naomi

Dean Alex 14/09/2007 ; Adrian James 08/10/2009


Haven't posted for ages, everytime I kept going to something would happen and I'd have to get off the computer. Anyway I'm abit excited today I have finally managed to buy something for the bubs! It's only 2 boxes of nappies but I'm excited cause I'm finally getting off my behind and starting to do something lol I've been abit jealous of all you ladies that have done painting or got the nursery ready to go and I've done jack sh#t! Still haven't bought the girls their new bunk beds yet, can't quite cope with the thought of spending $900+ lol Anyway back to shopping also managed to get some new undies and maternity bra but I'm pleased to say I need to take it back and get a bigger size! I'm really really small chested so I really happy that I need to go up a size.

Glad to hear everyone else is going well and the weeks are just going so fast. 9wks to go yipee. I must admit I'm sick of hearing comments from the girls at work that I'm definitely having a girl because my arse is getting bigger. Must be why I need those bigger undies hehe. Found out on monday night at work that a girl who is due 2wks after me is in hospital. Don't know why exactly but the guy who is covering her position said threatened miscarriage (sp) so maybe she went into premature labour. Was talking to her last week and she was saying how tired she was and didn't know if she was going to last much longer. Fingers x everything turns out ok.

Kez glad you posted that question. I've been like most of the time and somedays I've had to wear a liner & change my undies. I try and avoid wearing black undies now lol

Now this might sound really weird but since the weekend I've had like a buzzing feeling from somewhere down there lol It's hard to explain, it comes and goes and only might last few seconds. I've tried to put hand on it to find the exact spot but I'm not quick enough. Really don't know I'm going to explain that one to the midwife tomorrow!

Anyway enough from me hope everyone else is having a good day. It's a great washing day here lol

Heya Kez,

Im having it too smile its been quite frustrating, because i didnt know what it was at first until i asked the midwife smile i find panty liners are the best thing to help keep fresh throughout the day.

My little bubs still hasn't moved around yet, so she still kicks me in the groin area so it makes it even more fun throughout the day.

I finally had to stop working today, it was getting really hard to sit at a desk, getting cramps and all. So we have no idea what we are going to do money wise... gonna have to get the family in to help somehow, because hubbys pay only cover rent, petrol to work and maybe a little bit of food per week... so its gonna be real tuff. so used to having me as the bread earner...

im glad we bought some nappies n stuff in advance while we did have moolah smile

hope everyone is coping, not long to go now until we all see our beautiful creations grin


Jewels smile

kez thats been happening to me too and its worse on days when lefty is lying down low. glad to know its a normal thing (didnt happen when i was pregnant with DD) lol

my reflux is starting to get bad again even with taking the tablets sad drinking anything besides milk seems to make it even worse ggrr

i so cant wait for these 2 to get out lol
Well I had my first "labour" scare this morning - woke up wet and thought i saw some mucus and a tiny bit of blood...

Went up to the hospital to be checked out, and was told that it was ambiotic fluid... oh yeah I'm also only 33 weeks.

Anyway it ends up that the test for ambiotic fluid can also be a test for thrush - because thats what it ended up being! Apparently very common in pregnancy - but scared the crap out of me as I didnt want to deliver this far before term!

Just an FYI in case anyone else experience the same thing.
Yay im normal lol !!!!!!!

Haha completely normal Kez!!! I am exactly the same smile

For those of you whos bubs are breech are you amazed that you haven't looked down to see a foot hanging out yet? My lil bubba is getting stronger everyday and it HURTS when it kicks!!!

I am starting to get a bit over the whole pregnancy thing now lol can't wait for another 6 weeks or so when I can start trying to help bubba out lmao smile Anyone else keen to try and bring on their labours?

What have you tried and what will you try to bring it on?

Hope everyone is well xx

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