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Babies Due October 2009 Lock Rss

Hey guys im back on already haha
forgot some stuff at mums so thought id quickly jump on here and say hey lol

Naomi. My sisters 16 lol I think me smacking around the head actually done some good lol woke mum up abit to the way that she has been acting. Yay lol

I have a microwave sterilizer, just coz of the price difference there was when we brought it.

Well best get the stuff in the car.
Bye bye again lol

Has anyone had bubs turn around yet?? My little girl is sitting with her head right under my ribs at the moment, making me feel real sick in the tummy.

Cannot wait for her to move around smile

Anyone also finding it really hard at work yet? I must admit, I am finding it hard to sit at a desk now, hehehe

Hope everyone is doing well, its not long for us all now grin


Jewels smile

jewels - try spending time on your hands and knees. looks funny as to everyone that sees you like that but it will hopefully give bubs enough room to turn around for you smile] although its not any more comfortable with them that way round cos then you get their feet kicking your ribs lol

Hi everyone..

How are we all coping!! Cant believe on wedensday ill be 32 weeks only 8 weeks to go argh!! Im so excited to meet this little one and bring her home to the family.

I do yogo at night, and it seems to help with a lot of rib pain and BH? Give it a go wont hurt.


Posted by: *alana*
jewels - try spending time on your hands and knees.

haha i was doing that the other day, and hubby walked in and was like... WTF

It does feel good having the weight off your back for a while too smile

I should go for a nice swim and do some breaststroke too (been told that also helps to turn bubs), Ive just been too chicken to go and then have to get out and get all cold in this horrible winter weather.

Hows it been going with your twins Alana, it must be hard carrying two little bubs smile though it must be sooo exciting grin grin


[Edited on 16/08/2009]

Jewels smile

lol my dad and brother were the same when i was pregnant with DD. they gave me so much shyt about 'crawling' around. think there were a few jokes about scrubbing the floor too lol DP is doing it this time around lol

everything is going really good with the twins. my midwife is really pleased with how well they are growing and how well im keeping smile

i do have to admit tho that i am very impatient for them to get out lol its really not comfortable having one bub press on my cervix and the other one squash my lungs and then they start fighting lol plus i really cant wait to meet them and see what they look like smile
Hello ladies,

Woo Hoo!!!! i have hit week 30 today, 10 to go and so can't wait....

sterilisers - i have always had the microwave ones and find it handy.. as well as the cheaper option.
i have always dealt with Avent so i got the kit which includes bottles, breast pump, breast pads, steriliser and brush..

hands & knees - they also recommend this so bub does not become posterior (baby's spine against your own spine). my first was posterior and ouch!!!! the worst labor it was like 33 hours start to finish and severe back pain through the whole labor.. i made sure that i crawled around when pregnant with #2 as i was scared it was going to happen again...thankgod she wasn't and only a 7 hr labor... i think i should start crawling around soon though..

i have another mw appt thursday night, i wonder if she'll be able to tell how bubs is lying yet. cos i feel her move everywhere..

i wanted to get a 4d scan done, but hubby and a girlfriend of mine has talked me out of it..she thought it ruined the surprise of what bub looks like.. as she could tell it looked like her other son while in utero and sure enough he is the spitten image.

Yay 30 weeks today!! 10 weeks 70 days to go!!

And yes i'm still mental enough to want this baby to come late like DS did.

I had the crappiest sleep lastnight, DS came running into my bed screaming and crying at about 10pm, something must have scared him but i've no idea what. So all night he was snuggled so close and tight, i had difficulty getting comfy. DS slept ok, the poor darling was crying so hard he went to sleep again quick, at least its nice and warm when he is in the bed too LOL its so cold and wet here

- Naomi

Dean Alex 14/09/2007 ; Adrian James 08/10/2009

Hi everyone

We have Thomas picked out for our boy and sophie just incase they got it wrong.

i am after a pendeant light for the nursery does anyone know any good sites?

Just testing my pregnancy ticker.
Bet it wont work!!!!!
Hi Guys

My bubs is breech too, her head keeps tucking under my right rib. My eldest son turned around at after 38 weeks. I too did the hands and knees thing. It's funny when the kids do it too!

Have finally packed bubs stuff and some of my items. Now I have to wrap all the presents for the day care kids that I look after. I have decided to not go back to work after the bubs comes. I have always worked - the longest time I have had off is 4 months. But this time I will have 4 kids and they will have to be my priority.

I can't believe that I have approx 6 1/2 weeks til bubs is due. Starting to feel a bit off balance now. Haha!

Sorry everyone. Still testing.
Hope it worked this time.
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