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Idea for names.....really stumped. Lock Rss

We are having our 3rd baby nd this time decided not to find out.

We found out our last 2. We have a girl named Tahnee Louise & boy Braydan Peter.

I'm liking the name Maddison for a girl as I think Maddi is a cute abbreviation but I can't think of a middle name.

Is that how u would spell it & do you think it goes with Tahnee & Braydan. As for boys name, we can't agree on any. What suggestions do you have for me anyone?????
Congratulations on expecting number 3!! Maddison is a beautiful name and goes well with Tahnee & Braydan. You can spell it with one or two d's. And there is also Madilynn.

Middle names could be - Rose, Grace, Leigh, Kay or Jade.

Boys names - Locklan, Jamieson, Leyton, Callum, Keenan, Jackson, Ethan, Koby. There are other names that I love but begin with T or B like your children already!

Goodluck and have fun picking a name.

Thanks for the tips smile

Funnily enough we had picked rose as a middle name for maddison. Still not sure on a boy. I like koby but a close friend has koben so it's a little similar. & I love Jackson but anothe r friend has that lol.

I keep looking smile
I do love the name Maddison and think that's the prettiest way to spell it.
For middle names I'd suggest: Fae, Lilyanna, Louise, Elise.

As for boys names I'm not sure off the top of my head but would advise you to look at nameberry. It's wonderful, you can look at lists of names based on what you want.
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