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Middle name for Charlie? Lock Rss

DH and I would like to have Charlie for a boy, but completely lost after that! No idea of other names or middle names!

I do like Jacob, but think that could be too 'Twilight' at the moment smile I am not a nutty fan or anything, but I am sure people would make that assumption!
I also like the name Charlie!! Middle name ideas to go with;

Charlie Jack
Charlie Ned
Charlie Tate
Charlie Austin
Charlie Zane
Charlie Thomas
Charlie Samuel... I could go on forever really!!

Good luck deciding... I've got 8 wks till baby#2 arrives, and still have NO names!! X
The first name that popped into my head was Charlie Jack
Charlie Luke
Charlie Joel
Charlie Ryan
Charlie John
Charlie Will
Charlie Oliver
Charlie James
I love Twilight but noone will connect the 2 especially as a middle name!
Charlie Jacob sounds great or even just Charlie Jake! Good luck deciding smile

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