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Forrest.. Rss

I was thinking today I really like the name Forrest.. but do you think a child maybe teased if named Forrest "run forrest run" sort of thing?
I think it is a definite possibility...It's the first thing I thought of, not that I would be mean enough to say it or god forbid use it but unfortunately not all kids have the self restraint of adults...
If the kids don't know about the quote it will only take one stupid parent to use the quote in front of their kids and yep sorry to say I think they will get the "run Forrest, run!".
A friend of mine named her son (now 10) Forrest - it was her mum's maiden name. Its great, no one teases him, but something cool is that he has number plates with Forrest and Run, Forrest, Run on them in his room so its something that is very unique and no other kids I know have anything like that!

Its different without being weird.
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