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what do u think of... Rss

what do u think of the name

cadence? or kaydence?

i have no idea how to spell it but it just popped into my head.. due in 11 days!
A friends sister's name is Cadence - it refers to a musical melodie. Very pretty.
I quite like it, prefer it spelt Cadence.

Love the name Cadence, prefer it spelt Kadence, but thats just my personal opinion grin

Its very pretty grin

I think its a pretty,feminine name.I prefer it spelt with a K aswell.
I really like it & would spell it Cadence!
Not sure why but reminds me of Payton too! grin

We considered Kaydence as a middle name- but ended up choosing Peyton.

Kaydence is a musical term (I'm a music teacher so that's partly why we liked it!).

Very pretty!
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