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Unique boy and girls names Rss

Hey grin

I was wondering if you all have any suggestions for unique baby boy and girl names?

To give you an idea of what we like these are our kids names grin

Lucca (boy)

I LOVE unique but pretty names for girls. I LOVE Matisse, but DH says he doesnt like it, so need to find some more.

Any help is much appreciated grin

Thanks grin

My fave for girls is Kalani/Leilani/Millilani ~ all hawaiian & beautiful! wub
For boys the 1st names that came to mind were Bastion or Griffin??
My lil neice is a Phoenix so that would work too! Or Oceana or Indigo???
Good luck deciding & i think ur kiddies have gorgeous names! grin

my dd is charlize (pronounced shar-lize)
not overly unusual i guess but a lot of ppl say its a bit different and we like it smile
Hi there!!
My partner and i love unique names smile
These are our choices,

Kingston-James (our choice if bub is a boy)

Hope these help!!!

Laura xx
My girls names are Montaya and Amarli which are different.I also like Alaska,Angel,Indigo,Winter for girls.Reef,Cruz,Jarrah,Quinn for boys.
Thanks so much for your replies grin

I love some of those names so will ask DH what he thinks grin

The ones i love from your lists so far are Oceana (Ocean even but pronounced OH SHE ARN), Charlize, Elias, Amarli and Jarrah grin

Keep them coming please though grin

I really like Oceana.Here are some more different names of children i know.Girls Acacia,Havanna,Laekin,Harper,Skyla.Boys Denver,Tarkyn,Bentley,Jett
Oooohhhhhhhhh i like Havanna!!

Thanks for that grin

Keep them coming grin

I like Havanna aswell,Im not too sure if its spelt Havana or Havanna but i like both of the spellings.
InB4 GPOD...
Call it Linx, or Matt Hunten

Sir if it's a boy.

Lady if it's a girl.

Then everyone would address them as knights smile

Although this could get confusing if you are already high-born or if they were ever to be knighted

~Sir Atticus Lufftwaffer
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