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Isabelle - too popular?? Rss

Hi everyone smile
I'm after some honest opinions here!
I know that Isabella is extremely popular at the moment - the statistics nation wide and for each state show that! But what do you all think about Isabelle? It's still on the top 20 names lists. But do you think it's TOO popular? How many little girls do you know called Isabelle? Please let me know what you think of it as a name (and also if you can think of any middle names that go nicely with it!)
Thank you grin

I dont think it is all that popular I only know 2 and I think it is a beautiful name.
What about
Isabelle Jane
Isabelle Louise
Isabelle Grace
Isabelle Hope
Isabelle Mia
Isabelle Daisy
Isabelle Rose
Isabelle Ruth

Cheers Ness

Unless you have a close friend or family member id go for it i gave my DD an unusual name, announced her in the paper my aunties friends daughter saw it and named her baby that 3 weeks later... so now my uniquely named child is not so unique anymore lol
Isabelle was one of my favs i still love it, i think its beautiful and i only know one smile
i think it is a timeless name. its beautiful. And yeah i named my son a uncommon name and now other babies with the same name are popping up everywhere.
I like it spelt Isobel think its beautiful, if your name is Elle though its a bit close?
i think it is lovely - not too popular.. i only know one - spelt isobel..
I love it...although may be a little biased as it is my beautiful little girl's name tongue We have Isabelle Amy.
We chose the name firstly because we love it, also because we think it is timeless, elegant & beautiful.

I haven't actually come across another Isabelle yet, lots of Isabella's though.

i love the name isabelle and isabella but since the twilight movies it has became to popular so i have chosen to cross that name off my list! plus my friends daighters name is isabelle.
but if u like it and it dont bother you how popular it is use it!
I'm a bit biased here too, but I think it's a lovely feminine name, which is why we chose it for DD1 grin

Our Isabelle's middle names are Betty Joan, after my grandma and nanna smile

I think its a beautiful name! Dont worry about its popularity
I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant with our third and we have Isabel Caitlin chosen if we have a girl.

It's a beautiful name and I don't know any other Isabel's - only Isabella's.

Leah, DD 24/05/05 DS 09/01/07 #3 due 26/06/10

Thanks for all of your opinions girls! Keep them coming! (and no, my real name isn't Elle wink )

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