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Final 2 Boys Names - Which Do You Prefer? Rss

DH and I have finally narrowed our list down to 2 names.

Which do you prefer?

Isaac Corey Houghton

Cooper Corey Houghton

I love Isaac and so does DH.

DH loves Cooper slightly more though but we are both not sure if the whole name sounds right together.

Thanks for your opinions.

What about Isaac Cooper? I prefer Isaac Corey to Cooper Corey.
I like Cooper best! Even Corey Cooper sounds gr8!
I prefer Zac or Zachary to Isaac?? Good luck choosing! gasp)

I love the name cooper, its friendly and fun for when they are younger but you can imagine them all grown up saying their name seriously and being taken seriously...

I would have loved the name cooper for my boy but partner fell in love with Brody, so that is what is became lol

I prefer Isaac Corey smile

Love the name Corey wink

All the best!

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