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Do you know how to pronounce... Rss

... the name Xanthe?

I love it, but DH thinks it's a bit "out there" and is worried no one will know how to say the name if they see it written down. Just interested to see whether or not he is right!

Thanks smile
Zan-thee. Is how I say it.

I think its gorgeous I also like Xanthippe.
i agree with zan-thee. very pretty.

i say it Zan - Thee.. i like Zanthia

i would probably say Zanth

Zan-thee! I dont think u'll have a prob with pronounciation!?
Gorgeous name! gasp)

EX-ANTHEE is how I would pronounce it
Thanks for your replies - it's great to see most people have got the correct pronunciation.
My DD's name is Briar, and the amount of people who mishear/misread and call her Brian is unbelievable! I'm pretty sure that someone saying Xanthe incorrectly would be much less offensive than people calling my daughter by a boy's name that I don't even like!
Zan-thee (as everyone has already said).

Just wanted to say that I love Briar and Xanthe together, I think it's a great sibling combo!
Thanks Syrae! I think they go well together too smile
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