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  5. What do u think bout Jax for a boy????

What do u think bout Jax for a boy???? Lock Rss

Jax Kobe is the only boys name that either me or daddy really like. We have had it since almost the beginning. Alot of ppl dont seem to like it. Please give me ur opinions....
[Edited on 06/12/2009]
I like it smile love the combo with Kobe as the middle name too.

I have also seen it spelt Jaxx

Other "X" names

I don't like it sorry.
i like both names but probably prefer Kobe Jaxx...
I like it!! I dont normally like really modern names, but this sounds nice for a little boy smile

T xo

I love it!!
LOVE it, very cool!
i really like Jax for a name.i like the flow of Kobe Jax.but Jax is great. It's often the first name that you like that is still there in the end,isn't it.
i love it! might be a bit biased tho! kobe jax sounds good to me too, but my ds is kobee james so maybe thats why.

jaxon kobe also sounds nice with jax as his NN. i really like it good choice lol

I honestly love it! Jax Kobe sounds like such a cool lil boys name to me!

I say if thats what u've loved from the start then its meant to be! gasp)

It's not my style but I don't mind Jax. Kobe always makes me think of the city in Japan and that makes me think of That's not really a bad thing though grin
Jax makes me think of cleaning products, maybe because of Ajax - LOL.

I like Jaxon.
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