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  5. Julia Cate. Does anyone like or loathe??

Julia Cate. Does anyone like or loathe?? Lock Rss

We're expecting #2 and we stuck on a girls name. DH and I have come up with :


I think it's too old but I want to know what you think.
Please be honest,
We all ready have a DD named EMILY ROSE. Does the two kind of go together? If you know what I mean??

Thanks in advance,
M xx
Its not my kind of name as like you said its a bit 'old' for my liking. In saying that though it does go beautifully with Emily Rose!
I do like some of the older names and Julia is certainly an older name but it's beautiful! Julia Cate is lovely and goes so well with Emily Rose.
Sorry i think its sounds a bit 'old' too!
It goes fine with Emily Rose tho & i guess we are adults longer than we are kids??!
The 1st name i thought of thats similar & to match DD is Jasmine Cate!
Emily Rose & Jasmine Kate sound gorgeous together!
I love them both having the flower theme but u might hate it! ;o)
(tho its not obvious with 1 as a middle name & 1 as a 1st name!)
But if u love Julia Cate just use it!
Sorry not really much help at all!?
Good luck choosing!gasp)
[Edited on 06/08/2009]

I'm sorry I think it is a bit "old" sounding too.

what about:

Emily Rose and

Leila / Layla Cate
Isla Cate
Hannah Cate
Imogen Cate
Alice Cate
Felicia Cate
Alyssa Cate
Annabelle Cate
Phoebe Cate

I don't get why its older? I know a Julia my age (early 20s) and have meet a toddler Julia I think its beautiful.

Emily Rose & Julia Cate are so perfect together.

I think its pretty. I don't see why Julia sounds old. I can imagine a wee toddler called Julia and it being so cute. And yes it goes perfectly with Emily Rose. I prefer Cate spelled Kate though.

Our beautiful boy arrived 16/12/09

Absolutely beautiful name. Very classic, timeless & feminine.

Wouldn't change a thing.

Not sure about the 'old' thing I don't see that with Julia at all. It is no more old sounding then Emily (another lovely name). They are both traditional names but don't sound old. An old name to me would be an Edith or an Esme or Mavis.

There was a Julia in masterchef wasn't there and she was only young.

Love it!
hey there.. i really like Julia, and i think being clasic is a good thing, so i wouldn't change it at all.. I think it sounds awesome with Emily... I would personally go with the spelling Kate, cause i have always got sick of having to correct people's spelling of my name, but that is just me..

i would definitely stick with it..
I think it is a beautiful name and I don't consider it at all an 'old' name. Names like Beryl are old to me.

If you are really unsure but like Julia, have you considered Juliette Cate?

Best wishes.

I think it beautiful! It goes well with Emily Rose and its not old at all!

Cate is a funky name... Julia can be shortened to 'Jules' if you want to. Antoher option may be Catherine (Cate) Julia?? Emily and Cate go well together too.

I actually like Juliette as one one of my girls names, at the moment anyway - subject to change wink
I love Julia. And as pp said, it can be shortened to Jules. My great friend is called Julia (Jules).
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