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OK I love these girls names but what about you????? Rss

They are





Hi Just*Mia

I'm not a fan of Mystery, although I asked my DH and he seems to like it...

Oh and Happy Birthday for your little girl! This is her last weekend before she turns 2!
Hi I love the name Sundae. Wanted it on my list but DH said no. Have you heard of Kate Lanbroek the comedien? Her little girl is called Sundae which is where I heard it.
i personally am not fond of them.... but i seem to stick to the more traditional names smile

i like Laken the most out of those three though smile

I personally am not a fan of them. Laken to me sounds like a boys name. I do think Sundae its pretty cute, but its way too different for me to ever consider. Good luck
Honestly? I don't really like them all that much - they are lovely, but just a bit too unusual for my taste - but I tend to stick to simple names, which some people would consider boring - each to their own.

Mum to Hayden (21mths) and Brodie (10wks)

HAHA look at the first 3 replies - Casey, Casey & Casey!! woot! smile]
Hi - yeah, they're different, but I like them. I am going for a different name for mine if its a girl. It will be Harper.

I also like some REALLY different names, like Banjo, Coco, Anzac, etc, but I dont think I'll use those, except maybe in a middle name.

Go with whatever you like. I personally wouldnt ask other people whether they like my names or not, as I'm not naming my kids according to what everyone else thinks is nice or not.

Mystery is quite nice.
When i was younger i want triplet girls, i was going to name them Destiny, Hope and Faith.
But i'm still a sucker for uncommon names.
Is this a hypothetical question Justine or are you planning more kids??

Could live with Laken or Sundae, Mystery prob not! lol

Sorry, but I'm a bit too boring I think. They are not my cup of tea. But if you like them, who cares what everyone else thinks.
I think they are the sorts of names that would fit right in in Salem or Ganoa City or wherever Bold & the Beautiful is based. Not my taste but obviously some people out there like those types of names!
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