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Valco Rebel Q?? Lock Rss

Hey Ladies
We're looking for our first pram as we're due in December.

We like the look of the Valco Rebel Q but I have a concern that it needs to be taken apart to dismantle.
I also can't find alot of positive recommendations on other sites either.
It doesn't seem to be all that popular

Does anyone have one?
Do you like it?
Is it functional?
Is it a pain when its raining to dismantle??

i LOVE LOVE LOVE my rebel q.
i spent a lot of time choosing a pram and i didnt have a budget but i couldnt find anything else as versatile as the rebel q while still being compact!
you can fold the rebel q without dismantling it but it then becomes very long when folded as the seat needs to be fully reclined to fold. i have never had a problem with dismantling it as you are really only lifting the seat part off. it actually takes longer to strap your child in the car seat than it does to dismantle and fold and pack in the car (i have gotten wetter doing that in the rain than packing the pram up and living in a rural area i dont have the luxury of undercover car parks!) i have a very large boot (ford station wagon) and it takes up half the boot.... but i guess all prams end up taking up the same amount of room! the giant hood is fantastic for both summer and winter (my bub was born early this jan so have used it both in summer and winter) as it shades great in summer and in winter it keeps out the cold winds and also means you dont need to buy an extra rain cover! it fits through every door way and every checkout aisle i have come across (i took my measuring tape and measured wheel widths at the baby store!), it is very stable and extremely easy to push and steer. i use it conjunction with my safe n sound unity capsule (you can buy a separate adaptor for about $25 that clips to the pram base so you can use either the capsule or the seat of the pram) i ummed and ahhed about getting the capsule but so glad i did, if you can afford it definatley get one as even though they say they only last for about 6 months, my daughter is 8 months and weighs about 8.5 to 9 kg and still fits in it (it is getting a bit snug around her shoulders and we are looking at changing her to a seat but i will really miss the capsule!)
the seat of the rebel q also becomes a bassinet when you lie it down and fold up the leg rest and flip the bumper bar down to sit on top of the leg rest. it was great as my daughter would only sleep in the pram for about the first 2 weeks of her life!!
i only have small gripes about the rebel q and they are quite trivial....
1. can only access the storage basket from the front and when the seat is in full recline it is very difficult to get things in and out...
2. the shoulder straps of the harness can not be removed at all. i had to alter my sheepskin liner so it could be used.... good safety feature to ensure they are always used but annoying when you want to use a liner!
but that is all
hope that helps you with your decision. oh and when i was pregnant i didn't see any around and then all of a sudden when i had my baby they were everywhere and everyone i have spoken to about them love theirs!
ps i could not find a perfect pram that checked all my boxes... i also have a beema by swallow 3 wheel jogger for going for walks and i also have a steelcraft profile stroller for hubbys car and when we travel but i did buuy these second hand very cheaply!

I have the Valco Rebel Q and love it too, once you get used to it is easy to fold up and down, I prefered to do it seperately. I too had to adjust my sheepskin liner but not a major problem. I found it fit in my boot well (Falcon sedan) I love the fact that the hood comes right over, the handle extensions are good and the fact that it can face either way, it is also handy having a pocket on the back of the hood for keys etc (this was one thing my friend didn't like about her Emmaljunga)

BTW when my SIL was looking for a pram the baby shop she went to said that the Rebel Q was their best seller.

Good luck deciding, It's hard when you can't really roadtest one.

Ladies, thanks sooo much for your input, I think I'm def going to get one

How about when you go for outside walks? We don't have a large house - 2br we've just reno'd - so I don't really want to buy a 2nd, but the chick at the store said it should be ok????
ok well i am a bit of a pram s*#T and have three prams!! i have the rebel q for being out and about shopping or when we are going to be out for a long time as it looks comfy! then i have a steelcraft profile stroller that is in hubbys smaller car and for when we are travelling and then when i am walking i have a beema by swallow. i only got the jogger to walk with as there are no footpaths around where i live so i need it to be easy to push across grass, sticks etc. see how you go using the rebel q when walking but you can always get a cheap 2nd hand jogger later if need be! (i got both my stroller and jogger 2nd hand and i only paid about $30 for the jogger from a garage sale!)
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