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Capsule vs Carseat Rss

We have purchased a safe n sound meridian tilt & adjust for our baby due in march which is okay to use from birth. I'm not really keen on using a capsule as i think they're heavy and uncomfortable to carry. Has anyone else here not used a capsule and put their newborn straight into a carseat?
i hav same carseat as u n love it. i dont think i could handle a capsule, dont think i could lift it as well as bub into car (our car is high). my lil man now 7mths

I also have the same car seat & love it! Convertable carseats are fantastic as you can use them from birth-20kgs you wont need to buy a new one for years! I personally think the capsules are a waste of time & money as you can only use it for a month or 2 & they are so heavy & awkward to carry!

We went straight to a car seat with our first and I really regretted it. If she fell asleep in the car (which was one of the few ways to get her to sleep) you either had to wake her to take her out or un do the entire seat and carry a huge, heavy seat inside. DD2 is in a capsule and I love it. It is so much easier and well worth the money IMO. As for only fitting in it for a month or two, my DD1 would have fit into a capsule (taking weight and length into consideration) until over 1 year old! Don't know if i'd want to be carrying it by then though.
i had my 1st DD in a carseat from day one with the padded inserts and it was great!

This time around DS due in April we have a capsule, purely because i think it will be more flexible having a toddler too. I will not be carrying it far but not having to wake bub while i her into childcare, or take her to playgroup or coffee with friends etc will make my life much easier.
As for the weight... my DD is 17months and only 9-10kg now, so they would last some chn longer than a few months,at least until wanting to sit, but by then they are more awake ad active anyway, i bought one mainly so i dont disturb bub sleeping in those early months while keeping up my activities with my toddler.

The capsules can also sit in the pram too, which is easy.

Bottom line, whatever is most convienient, there is not much difference safety wise, and as i say with our first it was not as much a big deal and we loved our car seat smile

Good luck.

We hired a Safe N Sound capsule for DS and absolutely loved it. They're so convenient because you can take bubs out of the car without having to wake them. We're lucky because a friend has just lent us the exact same one for this bubs.

I have a Strider Dlx pram with the capsule that clips onto it and it is great, I can get my baby in and out of the car without waking him and you can also use the capsule in the house as a seat/rocker.
i have never put any of my kids straight into a car seat, i brought back when i was first pregnant with DS#1 a baby love travel system, it came with a capsule,toddler rider car seat(8-18kg) and a pram which the capsule snapped into..when i brought mine it was the first on the market to do so.. we paid $600 for the 6 years later i still use the capsule and car seat..

DS#1 was in the capsule til 7mths old as he was a big bub(9lbs 3oz)
DS#2 was in the capsule til he was 11mths old(he was 8lbs 5 oz at birth) he would've still fitted in it for another month or so but i had just got my new car so we had two cars and it was easier just to put the car seat in my car capsule in DP's car.
DD is 13 1/2mths and still is in the capsule rearward facing, and yes at times now when shes asleep i carry her out in it, my stroller holds the capsule so this was a godsend with 3 youngish kids..

for me the capsule has been the best thing we have ever brought, and even though we brought them back in 2003 the car seat and capsule still look new even though both are used daily, i take extremely good care of my things..

so for us i vote capsule..

I know plenty of people that have used the reversible car seat from birth and there is nothing wrong with doing it that way, its really just a matter of preference.

We hired a capsule and loved it. You can just leave the capsule in the car so you don't have to carry it if you don't want. There are definitely perks for a capsule. The main one is being not waking bub getting out of the car. If our DS was sleeping when we got home we would leave him in capsule until he woke up. We also have stairs from our garage to our house and it was easier to negotiate carrying a capsule. You can carry groceries and bub at same time. Set bub down in capsule to do stuff like opening a door. The capsule is also great for running errands, I could go to post office, get petrol, go to video store without waking baby, and as these are quick in and out errands its a pain to get stroller out. The other main perk was that it gave DS somewhere to sleep when we would visit people. I didn't find that the capsule was very heavy as if I was going to be somewhere for long, like shopping I would take stroller.

Just thought I would give you some benefits, as capsules can be great and hiring was way cheaper than buying. Our DS was in capsule up to six months the into meridian car seat rearward facing until about 9months. The meridian is a good seat with heaps of growing room.

I had my first two boys in a regular car seat.
I am pregnant with number three and am buying a baby love snap n go capsule for this one as I have lots of trips to kinder to do and do not want to have to constantly disturb a sleeping newborn.

The snap n go fits onto the frame of the baby love focus stroller so you don't have to carry the capsule.

I want the focus stroller because the seat comes off it so it is just the frame so I won't have to lift out a heavy stroller each time. Later when I am not using the capsule I can still use the normal stroller seat.

If this is your first baby and you won't be going out a lot the car seat you have bought and a normal pram would be fine.
I am only buying the capsule because of all the kinder trips!
Hiring a capsule is a great option, particularly if you want to see how it works for you. If you prefer not to use it long term, ie. for other children at least you haven't spent over $300 on this item.
I have the Meridian for my son and used it from birth and it was fine. I did however just purchase a capsule yesterday for my baby that is due in July because we have about 30 steps from our front door down to our car which my son (who will be 2 when bubs is born) has not yet mastered by himself. I was planning on just using his seat for the new baby but I thought the capsule will make getting the baby in and out of the car with a toddler easier. For your first the regular car seat should be fine.
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