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Phil & Teds Cocoon Rss

Anyone used this with a summer baby? Would he/ she get too hot? Just wondering whether it is worth buying one for a December baby.
I'll be interested to see if there are any responses to this because I got one with our pram LOL!

I mainly got it because the Phil and Teds seem so open at the back when in the laying flat position, and also because I found our previous pram bassinet really useful for when we went to friends place etc. for baby to sleep in.

I was worried about bubs being too hot in it also.

We bought the Sports last weekend but i'm still tossing up over the cocoon, I need to decide soon though because i'd hate for them to stop selling the matching ones. It's hard to tell though as it can still be coolish around here in Nov/ Dec but if it ends up being similar to Jan last year there's no way you'd want to put a bub in the cocoon.
Ohh - what colour did you get? We got the Dash, but to get it cheaper we had to get the graffiti one - still black and grey though. Its actually not as bad as I thought. I cant wait to use it.

Maybe you could get a cheap cocoon off ebay or another website? At least if you get it a bit cheaper and don't use it all the time it wont be so much money to waste???
If your bubs is small like your DD was it might be in it a while so you could get a fair bit of use out of it.

Its so hard to know what to do LOL!
[Edited on 10/07/2009]

We got the plain apple green hence the worrying about the colour of the cocoon. MIL & FIL have a big pram shop about 5 minutes away from them and they had a sale last weekend so we asked them to go and grab us one and they only had the pink camo and the green. Would have loved the camo pink but DF was not so keen on it especially incase we have a boy. We were hoping for a blue camo but the green was our second choice so that was okay. We should have it by Wednesday!!

I'm not that keen on the graffiti ones at all but at least with the black and grey one you can just get some nice liners and you will hardly notice.
I would NOT rocommend the coccon for a summer baby it would get way too hot.

I had one with september babies and they got way too hot in there then so i only used it a couple of times but it was definatly good for a late may baby.

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Thanks, so another question is it a little loose in there without the cocoon? Like should I buy liners or something instead?
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