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Choosing a breast pump? Rss

Hi everyone my sister gave me her breast pump which she used twice its a medela swing breastpump, however I recently have found another one called the cherub Natriflow dual/double electric pump. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on these or any others? Thanks smile
no sorry i have the avent hand one and the ele one as i had to express all my milk as jazz wouldnt takes me lol!!

both really good and easy to use!

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I've only used the Avent breast pump. Its really easy and effective, everyone reckons it's the best.
I haven't heard many good reviews about the Cherub brand pump, a friend of mine ended up throwing hers away.. But everyone is different, maybe give the pump you've been given a go and see how it works?

I used the Medela Swing and it's fantastic! No complaints at all! I tried using manual ones but didn't get anytihng out using those.

Good luck.

I use the medela swing and I find it wonderful, though it is the only one I have used

I use the avent (manual) breast pump - no proba s at all nice and easy to put together and take apart for cleaning. Depending on how long you have to sit on the pump for.

great website for renting one if you dont want to buy an electric one is:

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