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How has your relationship changed? Rss

Since havin DD (2 weeks ago) the relationship between DP an me and changed so much! Its still the 'old us' if that makes sense yet we have managed to find so much more love and appreciation for each other! Things are better than ever. Has anyone else found this?

Alexis Jayne 19.08.09

Yes, I feel the same way smile It is amazing smile
nope feel the total opposite.
feel like our relationship has worsened over time.
I have to look after DD all day everyday which i love doing but when it comes to weekends i would love to have a break sometimes.
seems like he hasnt changed at all but everything in my life has.
seems like we are fighting almost everyday too.
Your lucky.

Our relationship has Definatly changed.
My Husband works on the other side of the country and is away for 4 weeks at a time and home for only one. It makes it very hard. our Baby is 7 weeks old and he has only had the chance to see her for 3 out of those 7 weeks.
We definatly have a new found appreciation for each other and i think we fell in love all over again after the little one was born.

We were arguing a lot after he went back to work and it was over stupid little things that never would have bothered us before i think we were both just very stressed.
From what my friends have told me it gets better with time.
It was when I left my boyfriend when I was 10 weeks old (Maybe it was 11, i know it was around that time), finding out what he was truly like. When I used to have my moments of breaking down crying, he would always ask me what's up and I was always like "I honestly don't know". Until then I had made my mind up on the last day I was with him, I wanted to be with my uncles at the time, and he thought I wanted to leave him. My boyfriend kept asking me why I wanted to go back which ovbiousely what I had already answered his question about 5 times already was by me wanting to be with my uncles because they were down. That day I left him, finding out when I was on the bus, he stole $30 from my piggy bank (GRR) just for a packet of friggen smokes.

Two weeks later he told me to get a lawyer. A week later he had told a friend of mine to tell me that he was going to take the baby away from me as soon as it's born (pft sif, i got pretty much full custody until he takes further action which i doubt he will because he has to have $1000 for a blood test which will give him proof but has to try and confront me to take the test and it's my choice if i want to take it or not) Now i am 23 weeks preganet and he has not been in contact since due to me talking to the police what had happened during our "relationship". So I am a single mother, living at home
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