Hi just wondering if anyone else had lupus or another illness that has affected them after birth.My baby is 6.5 weeks old now and I am suffering greatly with what feels like a relapse or flare of my SLE. During my pregnancy, I felt extremely well because my bub protected me from my immune system. As soon as I had her, (almost immediatly) I started feeling sick. All my joints are aching and swollen, having vision and eye issues,loss of appetite, constant headaches, dizziness and extreme fatigue.
I have had to see my doctors twice a week but they really dont seem to be able to help me. We dont want to use medication as mostly it just hides symptoms and usually the treatment can be worse than the disease. I do want to have another baby in about 2 years(my ob has said I need to if I want to have more, plus I want my kids close together) so I want to be clear of medication, but I also need to have illness under control. I have tried to get better and i cant I am in constant pain, and because of it I haven't even been able to recover from birth(incontinece and losing muscle) .
Doctors are doing tests to mark how extreme my flare maybe and depending they may hospitalise me. However I am also worried that maybe they are overlooking something, doctors have always put everything down to my SLE. I just want to be well with my baby and I feel there is nothing I can do. sad