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Tips for changing boys nappies Rss

Hey all I'm due to have my second child in about 6 weeks. My first child is a girl and this one is a boy. So I was wanting to know of any tips to avoid being peed on????

Hey all I'm due to have my second child in about 6 weeks. My first child is a girl and this one is a boy. So I was wanting to know of any tips to avoid being peed on????

Place another nappy over little boy member straight away after removing first one.

Boys are easy don't stress
And when you get the nappy on ALWAYS have his bits pointing down or the wee will just spout out the top of the nappy!
You get pretty good at predicting when they are about to let one loose. I always had an old cloth nappy handy to cover him up when I thought he was about to wee. The cloth nappies are also excellent for using as burping cloths, obviously not when they are covered in wees laugh
hahaha yup agree with pp, a cover always works well. But you WILL forget to do this every now and again. So my advice is when disaster strikes, don't jump out the way its easier to change a shirt than scrub carpet lol! grin
Also put the fresh nappy underneath him before you take off the dirty one. Saves your change table. That prob goes for girls as well though!

Make sure his doodle is pointing down when you put the fresh nappy on, if it is up or to the side the wee will just leak out of the nappy.
Yeah DS never really wee'd on me, maybe once or twice? Boys are way easy to change, much easier to clean all their bits as there are no folds and crevices.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

well why we are on the subject im also having a boy and first was a girl,

so do we pull back the foreskin to clean under there particularly if done a big poo, does it go in there or does it really just coat the outside.

Ive been wondering this for a while, Im all sorted when cleaning a girl been there doen that but a boy is going to be a whole new experience, glad i just read about placing it down I wouldnt have ever thought of that until it was to late lol smile

To the OP: Just relax about changing a boy. Like PP said do the change quick, but you will quickly learn the signs when they are about to pee and always makes sure the penis is pointing down the middle or the pee goes straight out of the nappy! (Watch for this when other people change him also).

Oh and something I never got told about boys... the penis will sometimes be erect. Its a bit strange when it happens, but it does happen! (Sorry TMI for some). I thought maybe something was wrong when DS was like this the first time, but my girlfriend with a son reassured me it is normal!

I ALWAYS got pee'd on without fail!!! Never happened with my husband, and he was slower at changing nappies than me! hahaha. Hard to avoid besides being super quick and as someone said, willy down or you'll end up with wet clothes! Good luck.. smile
We just used a couple of face washers - one for under DS's bum (easier to wash than the change table cover) and one to cover his willy. Worked 90% of the time smile
You learn to watch their fire hose, so to speak and you know when they about to pee.
My first was quick, i always kept a tissue on it till he got older. My youngest when we first brought him home we had too many accidents, poor thing. He got himself once in the face. Then he got me the next time. Now i know when he will and have gotten very quick at changing him.

I too was in the same boat, I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter and now a 3 week old son, and I was worried about the tricks to boys for changing.
I actually got wee'd on for the first time this morning, and it was my own fault, and now I know what to look out for.
I usually cover it with a small cloth or baby face washer, but didn't this morning ha ha so my own fault.
They are a little easier than girls in a way, but just remember to aim down, didn't think of this one, just did it naturally, the other thing I have noticed is be careful when removing the nappy if its a poo poo that may of been on and dried, as a boy little boys penis can get stuck as well.
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