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Hubby goes back to work on Wednesday Rss

Unfortunately the mortgage has to be paid (sigh) I am both excited and nervous at the thought of finally being alone with my almost 3 week old. My man has bee supportive and wonderful throughout the three weeks he's been off work but the inevitable will happen next week and I would be very grateful for some advice and tips on how you other mums coped when you partner finally went back to work. From what I can tell being organised and sleeping when bub sleeps seems to be the key but I welcome any and all suggestions as to how to make this a little easier on baby and me.
my hubby had to go back to work when our DS was 5 days old. (He is now 10 weeks old)
It was a little scary at first, but I did enjoy it too.
Sleeping when they sleep is a must, even if there is housework that "should" be done.
Read a book when bubs is asleep, so you get some "me" time too.
Plan to do something each day - even if it is going for a walk around the block, just to get out of the house.
If you have friends or family that want to visit, or if you are comfortable going out to visit, make a date!
Look on each day as an adventure, not a daunting time.
Have fun!
I know its a bit daunting but..... I found it really exciting and also rewarding to beable to look after myself plus bubs and stay sane lol!!! No really my suggestion s are : only do what is absolutely neccessary when it comes to housework, I try (and thats try) to get one room a day tidied and if that does not get done there is always tomorrow, or the day remember the house stuff will still be there and enjoy this time with your bubs and get plenty of rest whenever possible.
If you have fsamiuly or friends offer to help you in anyway, cooking ,cleaning etc. DO NOT KNOCK IT BACK- accept immediately as it really does help and they love to feel like they are doing their bit to help you, andif need be ask for help.
Get out when you can even if its a walk down the park or around the block with bubs, or once you feel up to it go and catch up with a friend for coffee either at their place or at a coffee shop. There are lots of baby friendly coffee shops around and most shopping centres have baby facilities for nappy changes etc.
And lastly (i will then get off my soapbox) have some 'you' time to do something for yourself - it might be just to sit and read a book while your other half looks after bubs for half hour or so.
Good luck - you will be fine

My DF went back to work when DD was 10days old, and 5 of those days we were in hospital.

Firstly, Don't stress if you don't get to sleep when baby is sleeping, everyone says OMG YOU MUST, but I didn't and I'm (almost) sane.

Shower when baby sleeps, this is a big thing! If your baby has a particulary big sleep, etc 12-3, shower then.

Don't stress if dishes arent washed etc.

Find a support person, such as a friend who lives close by, and if things get too much, bundle bubs up into the car and go see them.

Try to go for even a 15min walk each day, (I had stitches so I know how hard this can be!) but seriously, it's like a god send. It puts bubs to sleep and you get some fresh air to unwind and just mull things over.

Try to get yourself into a routine. For example if you know bubs gets a bath at 5, get everything ready at 3 or 4 or even earlier if you get the chance. That way come 5, you wont be rushing trying to get towels out, clothes ready etc.

And last but not least;

Accept that some days ARE going to be worst then others. It doesnt matter if things go wrong one day, tomorrow is another day =]

Good luck darl!

When my hubby went back to work after our second daughter (and I had had a c section with both of them), I was very scared at the prospect of being at home alone with a new born and 2 year old! My advice would be to take each day as it comes. Don't put to much pressure on yourself to get things done and make sure that you eat well, drink lots of water and try to get out of the house for a walk.

Good luck and enjoy your new baby. They qre little for such a short time.

My hus went back to work from day 2 (so even before i was out of hospital) because he had onlyu just recieved a promotion and couldnt take time off.. i have to admit that i was terrified of spending a whole day at home alone with bubs but i def agree that if you dont want to sleep dont..make sure you shower it does an amazing job of making you feel human and my hus when he gets home will give me a break by taking him for at least an hour.. just remember that you will have good days and bad days and do try to find someone that if all else fails you can either visit or have come visit... housework can wait..just breathe and remeber that things will get better



it is def scary, my DH only got 5 days off, but you do manage, make sure you get some help if you can with meals or cleaning but even if you cant it will be fine. Its lovely to have days with bub, and you just manage even on the tough ones! I agree a shower makes you feel human, so does fresh air so try to sit outside for even 5 mins everyday!

Good luck you will be fine!!!

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