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Karicare Gold Rss

Hi, My baby clinic nurse advised me not to use Karicare Gold as it leads to constipation and has no added nutritional value and is apparently going to be taken off the market. I am using Karicare Starter 1 which was suggested by Baby Clinic/Hospital. My daughter also takes an 1 hour to feed during day (150 mls) have tried different teats (pigeon and avent and loosening caps) nothing works.
Wow that is interesting! They say the product has more of a fibre content - but it appears to be causing many babies a lot of wind and pain! When I rang the co. they spoke about the probiotics content (saying it was a type of fibre) and were surprised that my DD only poos every 3-4 days and said that they would expect a baby on Karicare Gold Plus to poo twice a day or at least daily! Anayway I will be seeing my Paed tom regarding this so I shall keep you all posted!

FellowTraveller...Mum of Rajaani and Francesca

my ds is on karicare gold, and we dont have any problems with constipation. some babies do better on some formulas than others. as with being taken off the shelves, im hoping that doesnt happen.
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