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Breast pumps, Lactation cookies & baby weight Rss

Sorry to start another one of these threads, I have seen plenty around but none are coming up in my forum search.

I'm looking at purchasing a Medela Swing. I need feedback. I could go rent one, but it'll be $250 + all the bits you need to buy from the chemist anyway.

I looked at the site & they said that there are different breast shield sizes. How do you choose the right one? I mean, it's not as if baby buntings have a fitting room or anything :/

FYI, milk is in, I have a constant supply and can hand express lots. Emily is feeding really well, but has lost another 30g. On top of expressing I'm going to try lactation cookies (tried & true recipes, anyone?) & some fenugreek tabs too. Need to get her weight to go up a little. We're on day 4 now- how long did it take for your newborn to put some weight on?

I have a medela swing and it's awesome smile (actually about to list it on eBay just incase you're interested in 2nd hand!) mine just came with a standard shield. I guess if you use the standard size that's included you'd get an idea of how much bigger or smaller you'd need to go.
I'm not sure about weight because I don't allow them to be weighed. Monitoring their wet and dirty nappies and overall development is more important than numbers on a scale IMO.
The main thing with the cookies is to use proper brewers yeast and thick-cut oats (not the quick oats).
I have the medela freestyle (the double version of the swing) and it is brilliant. Most women will have a comfortable fit with the medium shield that comes with it, but the medela website have measurements (you measure the width of your nipple and go from there).

Don't stress about the weight gain. Babies lose weight in the first week and usually return to birth weight by 2 - 3 weeks old. I think if she's feeding well and you're doing a bit of extra expressing you need not worry about fenugreek or lactation cookies - no harm in them if you want to, but probably not entirely necessary at this stage.

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Thanks smile

I've got that one smile I like it, I had to express while in the hosp and they used a Medela, it was just like that tbh. Expensive but imo it's definitely worth it. I've only used mine about 6 times now and would say I've got its value back, even just for my own sanity smile Re the breast shield, I think mine's too small to be honest... if I thought I was going to use it more I'd go and get a large and my nipples are not that big at all. See how you go with the one supplied though. Worst comes to worst you can always hand express until you are able to get a bigger shield.
DS lost about 10% when he was weighed on day 6, he was 3.81 at birth. At his 2 week appt, he was 3.89 so it definitely took those full 2 weeks to get him up to speed. I think expressing should do it for you to be honest, esp as you have a good supply. Sometimes bubs just needs supplementing (by that I mean your expressed milk) for a short while.

Axiom wrote:
I loved my medela swing - mine actually came with 2 shields - a plastic one and a rubbery one

+ 1 - loved my Medela swing! Worth every cent and came with two shields.

I have the swing and use after every feed at this early stage. I'm happy with it.
You can so try a nursing herbal tea.

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