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Evening "routine" with 7 week old. Lock Rss

My DD is 7 weeks. She is agreat feeder/sleeper during the day and night (once I get her down!) but I'm struggling with her in the evenings. She has her bath at around 6:30pm and then a feed after that but she will not settle for more than an hour (max) until about 11pm by which time I am exhausted! She seems to be constantly hungry but won't feed properly and keeps pulling of the breast and crying. I have started expressing during the day and I have just started to give her a bottle of EBM after her bath so that I know how much she is getting. I just really wanted to hear form other with babies the same age to see how their evenings go. I would like to get her down about 7pm and be able to dreamfeed at 10:30-11pm but at the moment I cannot get her to sleep after 7pm!

Jackson 28.10.07 and Madeleine 16.12.09

Hi I can understand where you are coming form my 5 weeks old has just been through that for the last week and i was really starting to get worn out so I went and seen our child and maternal health nurse who told me that it was growth spurt and it would settle itself within the next week or so. But inbetween I have a bouncer that has a viabration setting that has worked a treat to get him to sleep and once he is settled i can put him into his cot without him waking, if possible give it a try otherwise a 5 minute drive in the car can also work.
Maybe try bringing his bathtime forward a bit to 5.45 or 6pm. It may be that he is too tired to eat properly or put himself to sleep by the time he is having his bath.

My DS is now 10 weeks old but we have been following this routine since he was about 5 weeks:

Bath 6pm
Feed 6.30m
Bed 7pm
Dreamfeed 10.30pm

He usually wakes at 4am for a feed, however, last night he slept right through until 7am. YAY - lets hope it continues.

Good luck! It may just be a matter of playing around with times.

Hey there..
I have a 7 week old DS and we have a similer problem, but we are getting it figured out now.
Bath- 6/6.30
Breastfeed 6.45
Expressed milk 7.15
Asleep 8pm.

My DS also feeds really well during the day.. but feeds very often. So by the end of the day i'm not as full as i usually am as he cluster feeds so its harder work to get milk out so he wears himself out. Which is why we give him some expressed breast milk as well. He usually has a feed off me then gets 80 ml of EBM.

I just thought I'd offer an alternative view.
I didn't try to get my babies to sleep until 9.30pm at that age.
I would put them in a bouncer next to me in the lounge room and feed them as much as they wanted.
Bubs go through a growth spurt around 6-7 weeks and they need to cluster feed in the early evening so they get enough milk.
They would drift off to sleep in between feeds.
When they had a feed around 9 or 9.30 I would then put them into their bed.
This worked for both of my bubs.
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