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feeding problems URGENT pls help! Lock Rss

Hi, my daughter is 9 weeks old, bottlefed since 2 weeks due to complications in the past couple of weeks she has started screaming during her feeds and is starting to not put any weight on. health nurse said it was reflux, have tried thickening her formula (NAN gold) but doesnt seem to make a difference. she isn't vomitting her feeds up, but she screams as soon as you lay her back for a feed, as soon as i put her up over my shoulder she is fine. please help, i am really concerned for my bub. she sleeps fine and is really content all the time other than when she is feeding. any suggestions? i need help as it is getting me really down now too and i dread having to feed her.
does she scream if you feed her sitting up? maybe try feeding her while she is on your shoulder and get someone else to help you and see if she feeds, maybe the back position makes her uncomfortable. have you changed formula recently?
no she doesnt scream all the time. formula has stayed the same for a few weeks now, she was on karicare but she got constipated on that one so i swapped it over to Nan gold. i MAY have solved the problem i'm not sure. i have swapped back to the avent bottles with only the one hole teat and she seems to be doing OK, still cries a bit but not quite so bad as she was. just hoping that she can drink most her milk without a fuss or pushing it away. she's not quite feeding enough for her weight - but i'm not waking her from her sleep just to give her more milk. i'm dreamfeeding her at night and she is quite happy with that feed (obviously being asleep and more relaxed) but she still doesnt drink it all.

Dont worry about her not drinking the whole bottle, what is on the tin is just a guideline. Feed her according to her appetite. No baby drinks exactly 100mls or whatever at regular intervals, both my girls have been formula fed and every bottle varies. Which when you think about it makes sense, we dont eat exactly the same amount at each meal and neither do babies.

Big babies will drink more than the tin suggests and can usually go longer between feeds, little ones usually prefer to drink less and more often as their tummies are smaller.

Are you burping bub several times throughout the feed? If not then try this as it could be a build up of wind. If she's taking the dreamfeed well its likely because she's relaxed and not sucking in too much air.

Avent are the most expensive bottles but not necessarily the best. We got them for DD1 and they were no good for her, we are now using Tommee Tippee regular ones (not wide neck) with normal teats (not orthodontic).
Don't worry about her not finishing the whole bottle, the guide on the back of the tin is just that - a guide only. Some babies drink more and others always drink less then the recommended amount for their age.

Is she having trouble burping at all? When my DS was very young he would often start getting very upset when I tried to lay him in my arms to feed because he had so much trouble burping and I found Infacol drops worked really well for him.

Bottles can make a huge difference. Anti-colic ones can be really good for babies that suck in too much air.

Good luck, I hope things improve for your little girl soon.

hi there. I too am having exactly the same problems as you have described but I have twins so it's double trouble. My babies are 13 weeks old. My boys are on Nan Ha gold and I find that half of their feeds are a struggle. I also have a big challenge around 6pm at night because they won't take a full bottle and it takes them a good couple of hours to settle. During the day they sleep and self settle like little angels. I would appreciate any advice from anyone. Should i try different bottles (are using avent) or should i try changing formula????
Thank you everyone for all your help - it is much appreciated. my baby girl is feeding well now. devnicky all i did was changed the teat size i was using. i too am using the avent bottles with the nan ha gold formula when all my troubles started. i had upgraded my baby girl to the 2 hole teat too soon, so i put her back to the single hole teat and she is doing much better. she finishes just about every single feed. sometimes however at night for her last feed i have a struggle also, this is mainly due to her being tired. so i have figured that i put her to bed with her dummy and once she is really dozey i actually feed her the rest, i know its prob not good to feed her lying down in bed, but she drinks it all with no hassels what so ever. so maybe it is worth a try. i prob wouldnt change formulas just yet. what size teats have u got the boys on at the moment? another idea that the health nurse gave me was swap to a faster flow teat for the second half of the feed, but i've found that since swapping to the single hole she is fine. i hope this helps. xx
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