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Not enjoying BF feel useless Lock Rss

My baby is only 7 days old and I already have sore breast and nipples apparently I am positioning right but I still can't seem to get it right!! This is my 2nd baby with the first I gave up BF also after 2 weeks cos it hurt so much.. Now I feel like I am the only one in the world who can't seem to BF successfully.. Am wanting to swatich to formula but too embarressed what people will think of me!!
Has anyone else had this problem or similar I would love to hear anyone elses story so then I would know It is not just me, all my friends who have had babies they make it look easy... This birth I had a emergency c-sect, lost 2 lit blood due to artery bleed and now I have to wear a permenant cathater due to my bladder not working... Feel like I am living a nightmare at the moment...
I hope everyone else is enjoying their new additions though wink

yup I had the same problem and so have some of my friends, I don't thinks its so much a case of you haven't go it right but that you don't have very strong skin on your nipples. Give it longer then 2 weeks more like a month. At about a month mine where fully healed and didn't get ripped up as easily after that. Try using mandela pure lan after each feed to help the pain and to promote healing (was wonderfull for me), Also try when your at home try tucking a cold cabbage leave (from the fridge) into your bra it will also help the pain and healing. Anouther thing that will help are nipple sheilds and nipple protectors. One you put on while feed to protect your skin (my mother in-law swears by them), the other after to stop anything touching your sore sensitive nipples. You can find everything i've mentioned at your pharmacy or some baby orentated stores.
I think it took me closer to three months to become completely comfortable with bf - and that was with my third baby! It takes time and it is hard and painful, but so worth it smile Best of luck smile
I am on my third child and all have been different. I have had to have c-section with all three. My 1st I had to give up BF after 4days because she just sucked too hard. She made me bleed and it was very painful to put her on the breast. I tried everything while in hospital nothing worked.So I went on formula and she never looked back. I was in the same boat as you what is wrong with me firstly I couldn't have bub the normal way and now I can't BF. I was worried that the health nurse would look down on me bottle feeding but she was very supportive of my choice and told me that a happy Mum means a happy baby. With my 2nd it was better but I didn't seem to make enough milk so I did both. BF one feed and bottled another. Now with my third she sucks hard as well so I do all three BF, Bottle Feed and EBF. It seems to be working at the moment. I hope all works out with you but just remember that if you do go to the bottle do not think you have failed because you haven't in the end you have a beautiful baby.
Hi there, It can be normal to have very sore nipples & they can scab up but if you can get through that pain once the scabs heal up it will feel better.It took me 2 weeks to get them feeling better, I had alot of pain especially feeding thru the nite but each day does get a bit better.....dont feel like a failure because youre not & the only reason it looks easier on others is because they havent prob told you about what its like for them,they may have suffered sore nipples as well. I have had my 3rd child & finally happy bf however it was very hard the 1st 2 weeks. I think youre doing very well considering....
It took at least a couple of weeks for my nipples to start feeling better, at first they hurt so much that I just dreaded the next feed. Remember that this is the first time your baby has breastfed, and the first time that you have too, you both need to learn together to get it right. It takes time because you're both new at it, and you're both getting used to lots of other new things at the same time!

Use lots of pure lanolin - someone else mentioned the Medela PureLan, which I've used and found really good, also Lansinoh is another good one. After every feed, express a little milk gently onto your nipples and let it air dry, then rub a little lanolin onto them. The pure stuff is safe for bub to ingest, and it creates a moist healing environment that really helps! A small tube costs $7 or thereabouts, and it lasts forever - you only have to use a tiny amount each time.

With practice, it really does get better. When my DD was a few weeks old one day I just realised that it didn't hurt to feed her anymore, and it became a lot more enjoyable.

Do you have a hubby or partner around? Maybe try getting him to massage your feet during feeds, to give you something pleasurable to distract you from the pain a little (at least when he's around to do so).

My bub is three weeks and between 7 days and 14 it hurt every time i put him on but now he attches easily and my nipples don't hurt anymore. I have huge boobs at a size 14F and my boy can't get his mouth around my whole nipple (not even close) but we got there in the end. I also got some nipple cream Advent stuff because little cracks came up which i put on about once a day which really helps I also son't wear bras to bed or at home or breast pads around home just old shirts which i think is helping Good Luck

Lots of good advice already.

It shouldn't be hurting. Once your nipples are cracked and sore it can be difficult to know if your attachment is correct, because it can still be painful. "Experts" don't always get it right when they tell us attachment "seems ok". If it hurts then it is not ok.
It is not unusual for you to have to take the baby off the breast re-attach several (sometimes heaps) of times. Don't be tempted to leave them on if it hurts just because "they are finally feeding".

Check out for info on attachment.

It might be an idea to try a few different holds to help reduce the discomfort. I found the "football" hold very effective.
There is a pic of a woman breastfeeding twins using the football hold at the above link.

Perserverence will only work if you and your baby are feeding correctly.

I also agree that bra free time might help. Let them have some fresh air.

If you've got big boobs, it might be handy to express a small amount before a feed to help get bubs on.

Don't feel bad about whatever decision you make. They are YOUR boobs and it's YOUR baby. Remember though, that comp feeding formula will more than likely negatively impact your breastfeeding relationship instead of making it easier..

All the best.
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[Edited on 20/10/2009]

I have had the same experience as yourself. I have a toddler and now a 7 week old baby. I am now giving him formula.

Don't listen to what everyone else has to say just do what suits you. At the end of the day you need to make sure you are happy and your baby is happy. I wouldn't worry too much about what my friends or other mums have to say.

Second time round I am more confident and relaxed about it all. People are too quick to judge when they don't know what the other person is going through.

If BF is not working, well its not the end of the world. Formula fed babies (just like myself) have turned out just fine.

Don't worry, be happy.

You have done a great job to get to 7 days. Just think, every day your lovely baby is lucky enough to get breastmilk, you've done an AWESOME job! It took me over 12 weeks to suddenly realise I knew what I was doing! It's not easy, but you will get there, and it's so rewarding! I'm now feeding my 17 month old, and am pregnant with our third.

Have to quote this:
Posted by: vix_k

Don't listen to what everyone else has to say just do what suits you.

Umm... if she doesn't listen to what everyone else has to say, how is she going to succeed with breastfeeding? It's not an easy thing to do, and hearing others experiences show it is possible, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Breastmilk really is the best thing for your bub, but you sound like you are going through an awful time at the moment. You should be proud that you've got this far, so many women don't even get to this stage gasp)

Hey there, don't feel useless! There are thousands of mother's out there who have the same problems! Including myself. I tried for about 10 days to breastfeed, my nipples became very sore, so I tried to express instead. They did get better, but I found trying to express and bottle feed was becoming really time consuming and stressful. My baby also wouldn't latch properly and would muck around on the breast. I had a lactation consultant come to see me but I still couldn't do it. I'm now formula feeding and my baby is content and I am not stressing about trying to breastfeed or express. I can definately say I know more mothers who bottle feed than breast! It really isn't as easy as I thought it would be! Good luck smile ... oh and remember do what you feel comfortable doing,and don't let anyone tell you that formula feeding is a bad choice etc smile
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I ahvent had the best time BFing either, my baby is 4 weeks old and my left breast KILLS everytime I feed him, the footy hold doesnt even help. The right no worries... sometimes I think your baby feeds funny. Mine seems to suck in his bottom lip ALL THE TIME and the LC and midwives have said there is nothing you can do when they are like that..

I am just trying to express off that side to give my left a bit of a breather..

the Lanisoh and milk to air dry doesnt help me unfortunately and I had a c-sect also..

Goodluck hun, take care smile

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