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Spewy baby Rss

Hi there.
Well my bubs is going to be 1 month on Wednesday and since a few days after her birth during and after her feeds she always has a spew.
She usually has a spew while shes in her bassinet while shes asleep.
Im not sure what i can do to help her stop doing it. With her sister i didnt have any issues as she wasnt a spewy baby so its all new to me.
She seems to be getting enough as she always has pooey and wet nappys.
Any advice would help..

hi Beth, my son cael - 3 weeks is the same - try stopping feeds part way through and having a burp on your knee or shoulder and not offering more until something has come up. Cael always brings up more again after he has been put back down - even when asleep sometimes , but midwife assured me that all babies have a built in reflex where they will turn their heads to the side if anything is on its way up so there's very little risk of choking. maybe just be prepared to change sheets and clothes a lot - i dont think there is anything wrong with this unless the milk coming up looks curdled or they projectile vomit across the room.

good luck
My 'baby' is 18 months now but as a newborn was exactly the same. Some of the vomits were huge and it would happen all day and night - she went through a lot of clothes! I took her to a paediatrican who said that she was a 'happy chucker' and required no treatment. Unless they are not gaining weight or are in pain when feeding it is nothing to worry about. If you suspect pain or they are not thriving they may need reflux medication.

My girl improved around 6 months - not sure if it was from sitting up or starting solids as they both happened at the same time. It's a messy time though! We used cloth nappies as 'spew rags'.
Thanks for the advice. We had our 1mnth checkup yesterday and mentioned it to the health nurse, she said it is natural to happen to some babies.
She is gaining weight and is happy and content so it musnt be giving her to many issues.
I have noticed that the last few days she hasnt been doing it as much. SHe may be just feeding to quickly, she is abit of a guts.
We sure do go through alot of change of clothes.


Hey Beth

My daughter was doing that in her first week of being born. Im not sure if your bottle feeding or not, but I tried these differnt bottles by 'Dr.Brown' You can buy them from toys r us and babies galore. They are for wind and colic babies. They have this tube in the middle which prevent wind.. She hasnt been sick since smile

Elise x

Our second child was the same, she stopped around six months. She was fine but we did a lot of washing.

Stopping half-way when feeding also helped me, I breast feed so I burped her between breasts.

Good luck and have fun.
Hi everyone,

Jumped online today to find something about this topic and sure enough I found one here.... smile

I am also not used to having a chucky baby. With my 1st born DD i didn't even put a bib on her when i fed her cos she never chucked, but now with my DS (3 weeks old), he always chucks!!!!!

I am BF him and have found that the last couple of feeds he chucks while he is still attached to my breast, which i thought was strange and he also chucks quote a big amount and often needs changing EVERYTIME cos the chuck creeps under his bib and down his chest somehow.. it's so annoying.

MY QUESTION IS... if anyone knows.??? I just read on a website that if your baby has "reflux" and chucks after a feed don't offer the other breast. Does this sound right to you? I got told you can't over feed a BF baby so I have been offering the second side and he will have it but sure enough he chucks again.

I don't have a problem with him sleeping but he does get a bit restless after a chuck and sooky and arches back and legs really stiff when i try to sit him on my knee to rub his back. Is this Pain??


How does he vomit? Is it projectile vomiting (ends up a distance from him)? Is it with every feed?

If he has projectile vomiting, AND he is starting to vomit with every feed, I would advise taking him in to the doctor ASAP. While it is more likely to just be reflux, it may also be a condition known as "pyloric stenosis" - don't worry, if it IS this condition, it's easy to diagnose (an ultrasound is required), and also fairly easy to fix. Better yet, the fix is permanent, so no more problems from it!

Pyloric stenosis is where the pyloric muscle (at the bottom of the stomach) is thickened. If it is only slightly thicker than normal, then the condition is often diagnosed as reflux, and whilst it can cause vomiting, it isn't a threat. However, if the muscle is significantly thicker than normal, it can make it impossible for food to go from the stomach to the intestines - which means that no matter how much baby eats, he cannot digest anything, and it can be life threatening. Because the issue is usually somewhere in between those two, most babies don't show symptoms until they are several months old - some of them not until they're starting solids.

With my boy, he suddenly started projectile vomiting at three weeks of age. Prior to that, he was eating like a horse, and gained a LOT of weight. In the week he was vomiting and the GP was attempting to find out what was wrong, he lost all of the gains he'd made over those weeks, and then some. It took the hospital almost a week to diagnose the problem. Once it was diagnosed, he was moved to another hospital, and had surgery the next day. Within two days he was back to feeding normally (he vomited twice in the two weeks after surgery) and he's been doing brilliantly ever since.

I don't want to alarm you, and honestly, the chances that he has this problem is minimal. However, because most doctors don't even think of it, if he DOES have projectile vomiting and vomits at every feed, then it could be worth bringing up as an option - especially since the test for it is not invasive, and is so fast and easy. I had to face I don't know how many nurses insinuating that he was only vomiting because of the way I was feeding my son. The only reason they stopped accusing me of anything was when he started vomiting when THEY fed him.

As a side note: my son did have real issues with wind - more so after the surgery. So, I had to learn to get rid of every last bit of wind in order to stop him from vomiting even months afterward. I did find some over the counter remedies to help with alleviating wind, which made a big difference.

The back arching and stiffness sound like there could be a pain issue involved, so it could be worth checking anyway.

Wind can cause pain, and the general symptoms may be explained with simple wind issues. So, if he isn't losing condition, and if he's difficult to burp, possibly try some anti-wind remedies to see if they help.

If you see any signs of orange colouring in his nappy (it may be so dark it can be mistaken for blood) when he urinates, take him to A&E immediately. It usually means that he is dehydrated and needs medical attention soon. Better to be safe than sorry.

[Edited on 17/05/2008]
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