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Bottle heating Rss

hi mummies,

I've just switched over to formula and finding it's painful heating it up as it can take up to 8 minutes to get to a nice temperature and by that time my little boy is completely stressed and hungry. I've been warned against using the microwave...
Any suggestions???

Hi there,

I was in the same situation. In the end, I have resorted to heating the water in the microwave to the correct temperature and then adding the formula. They say not to use the microwave as it changes the composition of the milk, so if you take the milk out of the equation and your bottles are microwave safe, I can not see a problem.

In addition, as you are not boiling the water in the microwave, and the bottle is not getting to any great temperatures, it should also be safe.


Hi there I have heard mixed reports about the microwave. One side of the argument says it can cause hot spots and mouth burns the other side of the argument says it changes the composition of formula. I try and heat the water in bottle in the microwave and shake it vigorously and sometimes I heat formula and water in the microwave. When I am at home I take the lid totally off so the teat doesn't get hot although when I am out and use a microwave I leave the lid on. It's a germ thing!!! I tried using an electric bottle warmer and a cup of hot water to immerse the bottle but my little boy would be in hysterics so the microwave was the answer. I know plenty of mums who microwave bottles. I think it's just easier and quicker which I am all for.
With my first son I used to use boiling water in the Avent bottle warmer. Using hot water in it straight up halved the time it took to heat a fridge cold bottle. With my newest son I don't generally heat his bottles as where we live now is quite hot most days. When I clean his bottles i put 200ml of boiled water in them and allow them to cool to room temp and mix them as needed. If it's a bit cool, like it has been the past couple days, I pour out about 40ml and top up with freshly boiled water and it's usually just right and then mix them up. Hope this helps smile

Kel, WA Jebediah 18/7/05, Balendin 10/10/07

personal choice i think..I know that heating bottles by hot water is the safest, but really at 2am the microwave is looking mighty darn good! LOL. I use the microwave to heat the bottle as well as many other mum's out there.

I just take the bottle out half time and shake it a little too even out the heat. But if I am going out to someones house or resturants I will ask for a bowl or somthing substantial with hot water and place the bottle of water in it so heat it and then add teh formula when I need it grin

We use the avent bottle warmer and find it is heaps easier and quicker.. smile I'm a person who's not really keen on using the microwave for anything... even my own food..
[Edited on 27/12/2007]
ummmmmmmmm hate to say this i work in a pre school with babies and everything we always use the microwave on bottles, we only use hot water to heat the breast milk if its in a bottle.

why not just have bottles of boiled water in the fridge and heat that . add the milk after if you are worried. also check the milk to make sure its not to hot.
i work at a daycare centre the one i worked at uses hotwater in a jug to heat milk. my daughters daycare centre uses microwave.

i think its totally up to you do what your comfy with
I dont make up the bottles to put in the fridge, i know it can be a pain but i make them up as i go. I have a jug of cooled boiled water on the bench all the time and just boil the kettle and add the two together, once i got myself into a routine it really isnt that difficult to make the bottle up then and there. the kettle only takes about 2 minutes to boil, a lot less painful in my books as i started off doing the whole standing the bottle in the hot water thing... didnt last long lol.

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