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Sleep, Eat, Play routine is so difficult with a catnapper! Rss

Out of all the baby whisperers and routines I have read about, there seems to be one common idea. Thats sleep, eat and then play and repeat. I am finding that because my 3mth old catnaps, the feed & sleep tend to fall together because her feedtime has come after her 1.5hrs of waketime, therefore she needs to feed and sleep not long after to avoid getting overtired. How do people get around this problem. I feel like im always losing the battle. Its a great idea but in reality its not working. Its really quite depressing when this isnt working.
How long does she nap for? Does your bub fall asleep at the breast or bottle? Mine used to be like this. Changing an already established routine in hard. I was told to try to feed him as soon as he woke up. Don't lighten the room, don't change their nappies, don't give them a toy, don't give them an excuse to get distracted. Try to feed even if it is a little and repeat this everytime she wakes. Slowly but surely my bubs routine is now feed, play, sleep.

Good luck

i used to have a catnapper aswell, my lil boy is just over 3months, i also found it hard to get into the sleep, eat, play routine. I started wrapping him when i put him down for his sleeps during the day and found he now sleeps at least 2hrs and everything else has just fallen into place. Hope this helps
hi jacklee, try getting the first feed play sleep of the day sorted first,as this is usually the easiest and then the others should slowly follow. i know you were trying tizzie hall and she says to get them up after a catnap but i found with my dd that if she woke after the 45min cycle 9 times out of 10 it was because she had wind. i would always burp her and try to resettle for up to twenty mins. most of the time she would go back down. try and be consistant with what u do. also how are you getting her to sleep in the first place as this may have something to do with why she catnaps.
Perhaps you need to keep her up for longer than 1.5 hours. We do the Tizzie Hall routine and she says that if they are not REALLY tired they will only sleep for 40mins (1 sleep cycle). However she says if you keep bub awake for 2 hours then they should sleep longer than 40mins.
But you also need to be teaching bub to self settle. Once they learn how to self settle themself off to sleep then they can REsettle themself in between sleep cycles.
The feed, play sleep routine worked for us as well as self settling and being consistent.
Hope this helps.
Good luck
Just a thought....
Do you really need to have a routine?
I was beside myself in the first few months with my daughter as she wouldn't settle into a routine. Once I threw the routine out the window & relaxed into taking each day at a time we have had a wonderful time & I haven't looked back since!
My DD3 has her own routine, she does feed play sleep.
I feed her when she awakes until she has had enough, she plays until she is tired can be as soon as she has finished feeding or up to 1 1/2 hours, then sleeps anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours.
this really suits us and we have a really happy thriving baby.

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

I have the same problem Jacklee. My 2 1/2 month old catnaps for no more than 40 minutes to the second during the day. If i get her up and feed her straightaway then play then we seem to have too many little cycles during the day, so then i try not to feed for 1/2 hour after she wakes, but then the whole routine goes out the window. This is my first baby and we are stumbling through each day together!! I understand how depressing it can be when a simple routine like feed, play sleep doesn't seem to work, especially when all the mums around you seem to have sleepy routine-loving babies!!!!

Proud Mama

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