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is he hungry? Lock Rss

Im sure i have enough milk, and the midwifes seem to be happy...but DS (2wks old) seems to ALWAYS be hungry. he would sit on the boob none stop if i let him... last night he took nearly 2 hrs..
every time you touch his face is mouth goes on a wild hunt for the boob and he gets crabby if you dont give it to him! - is he hungry or is this just a 'reflex' type thing when you touch their face?. - surely he cant always be hungry.?
I know he's getting enough cos hes putting on weight and poos and wees like theres no tomorrow- but i cant just sit down and feed him 24/7..

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks


I myself am not brestfeeding however my daughter who is now 3 weeks old tomorrow went through a stage where all she would do is eat i was constantly having to feed her. I spoke to my midwife who said it was proberly a growth spert usual for a 2 week old little one. It should settle down again.

Hope this has helped you.

good luck.

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I agree it might be a growth spurt. It is also very normal for your baby to have a 'rooting reflex'. This is what you are experiencing when you touch his face and he goes looking for his booby!! My DD still does this and shes now 10weeks old.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

My DS is the same he just loves to suck. I use a dummy, at first he kept spitting it out but now will suck on it inbetween feeds when he isn't really hungry. If I didn't use it he would be attached to my breast all the time.
They also feed for longer and more frequently during growth spurts and then your body makes more milk and they settle down again.
hi guys, last night was the worst ive had...i got maybe 2hrs sleep all up thanks to a 'hungry bubba'. all he did last night was sit on the boob for hours on end and everytime i went to put him back in the bassinette he chucked a wobbly!
Poor DH had to go back to work today and i bet his eyes are hanging out his head also...and for me..well im the living dead!- i cant even have a nap because master 2 is running around and has just stopped his day sleeps!
He must be doing some catchup growing..he's still not meant to be born yet after all.
oh i just hope it settles down soon, im not a robot and i need sleep, especially with an energetic 2 yr old that i cant even take to family members for the day cos we just moved 5hrs away from them all!
thanks for the replies... hopefully in a couple of weeks it will be all good wink

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

do you maybe have anyfriends in the neighbourhood or near by who might like to help out for a couple of hours with master 2 to give you a slight break. ( i understand this could be hard as your darling baby will proberly not want to sleep in these couple of hours) but if you are not having to worry about the 2 year old running around it might help youm relax that little bit more. my partner had to go back to work also today and boy was it a shock being her with the little one on my own. good luck and hopefully things will improve for you asap.

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I sympathise. I have experienced this type of sleep deprivation a few nights in a row (due to wind - not overfeeding) and it is the worst kind of torture. It leaves you feeling teary & desperate. I also know that frequent feeding leaves your nipples terribly sore. You must be having a difficult time, especially with a 2 year old to deal with also. Just know that you are not alone & it won't last forever!

Similarly, my little one is only 2 1/2 weeks and constantly looking to suck on her hands. Because she's so unco-ordinated she can't seem to get them to her mouth before she chucks a wobbly. I'm guessing your little man might look to the breast for comfort in a similar way. I have found a dummy to be a great help during these times. The widwife that visited me at home actually suggested it. When breastfeeding get a nice big cherry dummy (Happy Baby are good - and cheap) one to fill their mouth so it doesn't cause them to clamp down on your nipple when they do feed. It might take him a little bit to get used to.

Also, I can only suggest giving your bub a bottle of formula last feed at night. I have done this three times now when my boobs are killing me and bub seems hungry. It gets you about 5 hrs sleep which I think we can all agree is heaven.

Good luck!


i agree with the post from KELLIEV. maybe if u purchase a set of the tommee tippee breast like bottles and express your milk for a couple of feeds, the tommee tippee bottles are awsome, as i had to use them on my DD due to my milk drying up, and she took to the bottle like a duck to water because they are so much like a real breast. Try that as it should help and the bonus is if u express even just one feed at least ur milk wont dry up and it should fill the little one for longer.

Best of luck.
Watch out for the 6 weeks growth spurt. My DD's happened at 5 weeks and caught me totally off gaurd. it wasn't til my physio suggested it that I realised what was happening. Hang in there, you'll hopefully be rewared with a sleeping baby worn out by growing!

Mummy to Andrea 27/04/07

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