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travel / portable cot as a permanent cot Rss

Any thoughts on whether it is OK to use a portable cot as a permanent cot for the Baby? My main concern is the mattress that comes with the portable cot and whether is it safe for the baby to sleep on all the time. Also, has anyone used a portable cot with the Angelcare sound and movement monitor, does the monitor work under a portable cot mattress?
Your ideas and thoughts will be much appreciated.
Thank You

Hi there, not an expert but from my understanding portacots arent good for the littleuns backs if you are to use them full time. imagine you having to sleep on the floor instead of your bed every nite. They are designed for short term use. I have no idea on the monitor part of the query though
good luck
Hi Kahling,
I haved used our Angelcare monitor with out portable cot and it worked just fine. We made sure that we put the pad up nearer the top at our 6week old baby was quite little and didn't even use up half the cot! Good luck...

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Hi Kahling,

I've got no idea about using the monitor with the travel cot, but personally I don't think a travel cot should be used all the time for baby. I am using one currently downstairs, so I can just pop baby in, instead of running up and down the stairs all the time. My bub is 3 weeks old now. I have a problem with the sturdiness of the cots.

For short term use, I think they are fine, but for long term I think something stronger should be used. I only have this concern, because in the last 2 days, one of the sides of my cot has disengaged twice, both times when baby was being attended to in the cot. It may have been the pressure of one of us slightly leaning on the side to reach bub, but it scared me. I was under the impression it was supposed to be more secure...maybe we just bought a dud!

Saying that though, my 5 year old used a travel cot quite frequently when she stayed at Nana's place, and we never had a problem with it. So as long as it's sturdy, it should be fine I guess.

Sorry I'm probably not much help. Your post just seemed relevant to my situation the last few days!


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I would not use a portable cot as a permanent bed for my baby. I don't think that the mattress would be good enough for their growing backs and bodies.
I can't remember the reason why, but portable cots are definitely NOT recommended for permanent use. Maybe try looking on the Kidsafe website and that might tell you why.

Leah smile
Hi there,

We have an angle care monitor. I know some people say they work fine in the porta cots, but the people that make it don't recommend it. I guess they haven't tested it to see if it works as well, so they are not willing to endorse it. I'd be looking into it more.

Good Luck

Hi Kahling,
I just took my 5 month old DD out of the portable cot that we were using as her permenant cot in our room as we didn't think her real cot would fit. we also use an Angelcare monitor and we had to put two pieces of wooden boards into the bottom of the portable cot with the monitor inbetween, and then the mattress ontop. and the monitor worked. now we have her real cot in our room with a piece of wood over the slats under the mattress, as the monitor also doesn't work on slats. the monitor requires a flat surface that extends to the size of the mattress to ensure it captures all movement (that's why we needed 2 boards on the portable cot as the mattress is folded and not solid) Anyways sorry for the long post but it worked for us!

im not too sure if its safe to use a porta cot full time, but i cant see why not but speak to kidsafe first. we have a light n easy from babyco and i know when we got it there was a matress designed for the light n easy for extra comfort as the matress that comes with the cot is not all that padded but that was a few years ago. never used a baby moniter so cant help you there.
Hi Kahling,
We just had our first sleep-over at grandma's on the weekend so I took the portacot and being paranoid about SIDS took the Angelcare monitor as well. I used the top level of the cot so put a board under the matress to put the monitor on and it worked fine.

talitha 10.04.07

my bub uses the porta cot full-time, we bought a foam mattress to go in it....
I use portacot as permanent bed, cheaper way of doing it. My daughter is 2 months old. She's absolutely fine, been in it since birth. What I do because I have so many extra blankets I put 4 underneath her, makes it softer but not too soft. One blanket on top of her while wearing a couple layers to keep her warm. I didn't want to go from buy $150 basinet to $300 cot. This way she'll grow out of it around 2/3 years old and go into a single bed.
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