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Colic - Chiropractor Rss


I have been with my baby to chiro and it did work.

Just need one who has baby experience and if you are breastfeeding you need to go off alot of food!!!!

My baby is okay for two days burps good and goes to the toliet alot in those two days then back to her normal self again.

I have just got another two weeks hoping before the colic is over. My diet is chicken and rice and chamoile tea.
good Luck

4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

my one suffered with colic for quite a while after he got two months, he was good before. I tried a couple of things like gripe water and baby massage for colic but didn't find it so helping, the only thing which helped is an herbal drink "babies magic tea" which I found on amazon.
Colic in Infants is a common affecting issue and approximately 10% to 40% of children's are suffered from this. This issue is generally appears within a few days or weeks after baby birth and stay until the infant is about three to four months old. I thinks it's better you to consult with any child specialist or doctor

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