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Colic - Chiropractor Rss

Hello all, Our twin girls are ten weeks old -5 weeks prem. They both suffer from colic and we have tried Gripe Water, Brauers Colic Relief and now on Zoton for the colic/reflux. In the past few days, friends of friends have suggested we see a chiropractor. Has anyone else seen a chiropractor for colic? If so, can you please provide me with feedback and if anyone can advise a good chiropractor in the Whitfords area. Thanks, Genelle

Genelle, Twin girls born 8/8/06

Hi genelle,

My son got daignosed with colic at 3 weeks old but have since figured out he didint have it at all. I was overfeeding him and misreading his cues all the time therefore he would get gassy or have a tummyache and would not be able to stay asllep without my help so he would screammmmmmmmmmm!!! like he was in agony. So i figured what he was actually tryibg to tell me is he has had enough and is tired not hungry or colicky but so exhausted that it physically hurt them. I know this may sound silly but its worth putting them on a structured routine for their age group. EAT, ACTIVITY,SLEEP AND YOU. ThIS will help you figure out what bubby really is saying.
Of course bubby may have colic. What kind of things do they do? Do they pull their legs up and scream so you think they have a tummyache so you rub them, give them wind stuff etc and nothing really works. Do they seem to scream at certain times in the evening? Maybe they are overtired before they go to bed. What time is their bedtime? I hope you dont mond me asking but if i can possibly help another mum from making the same assumption and it causes more stress then thats ok by me.

jacks.qld.3.5mth baby

P.s forgot to say the gassiness or pain they seem to get in their tumjmies is probably caused by their crying.

jacks.qld.3.5mth baby

Hi Genelle,

I've have been taking my little girl to the chiropractor since she was 2 weeks old (now 13.5 weeks). She would be up from 10pm - 4am most nights screaming in pain but then sleeping all day. Our chiropractor felt around her neck and said she was lactose intolerant and to try goats milk formula and we have not looked back since. Took her on Friday because we thought she might have been teething and her upper neck was out. We have now been back into a fairly decent routine since then. Our chiropractor is awesome and very gentle when he manipulates bub's neck. He uses a clicker thing but puts his finger directly between her neck and the clicker so that she is not getting hurt. I can't help you with a chiropractor in your area as I am out in Central Queensland but would recommend that you do try a chiropractor, you will be surprised. Hope that helps and good luck with your girls.

Hi, I took our eldest daughter to the chiropractor when she was 6 weeks old and she is now 3 years old and last time I took her for a checkup he said she had a perfect strong back. The first time we went she hadn't slept well for 6 weeks - she slept for 9 hours straight that night. I thought he was a miracle worker!!! We now have a 4 month old and I took her when she was 6 days old. Our chiropractor is amazing - so gentle. He explained that the trauma of being born and squashed up for so long can really affect a babies neck and back. If you can find a good chiropractor I strongly recommend it. I go myself regularly and he works wonders as I am breastfeeding it really puts strain on your back.

The other 'medicine' to try is Infant's Friend - it is a natural remedy from any chemist.

Good luck

Nic, ACT, 2 beautiful girls & pregnant again!

My son suffered terribly from Colic/Wind/Unsettled periods and after trying everything we were at our wits end. Before having a child I was against Chiropractors but having tried everything else we were willing to give it a go. We were referred to Dr Staerker at Burswood Health (Vic Park) and i have to say that he was absolutely marvellous. He spent about an hour with me discussing things before he even touched my son, and all therapy was done on me first so I could see that it wasnt going to hurt him at all. After the first session he slept for 6 hours and after 3 sessions he was a different baby. I can highly recommend it. If Vic Park isnt too far away then I would definately give Dr Staerker ago as he is a specialist Child Chiro.

if you can't find a good baby chiro check with the large children's hospital in your capital city and maybe they can sent you to a good one.

I haven't been but my cousin sent her two babies to the Chiropractor and she swears by it.. So maybe give it a go. Just find the right one though!
I was going to a chiro for myself during pregnancy and took Andrea for a check up at 2 weeks. They're apparently great for reflux and colic as well as ADD/ADHD.

The thing with colic though, is that if it really is colic it should only last for 3-4 months. You've come this far already, although I can understand that with twins it would be twice as hard to deal with! Man, I find Andrea (11 weeks) bad enough but I know it won't last for much longer.

Mummy to Andrea 27/04/07

Oops...just read date of original post. I guess you're over it by now!

Mummy to Andrea 27/04/07

My Baby Boy used to suffer from colic and i used Brauer colic releif which was really good except i was sick of giving it to him all the time. A friend told me to go and have my baby bowan therapy it is a gentle touch type of massage, it really worked highly recommanded.
Definatly use Infants Friend IT WORKS !!!!!

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