For the past week and a half my newborn has been waking up at 11pm and screaming her little head off. No matter what I do, she can't seem to calm down. Riley is five weeks and two days.
She screams until around 3am, settles into a nice sleep and awakens half an hour later for a bottle. She is formula fed s26 Gold (as I was annoying unable to breastfeed.) I fear this could be the beginning of Colic.
In her screaming/crying moment, she will scream/cry for about one minuet and calm down for around five, before picking it up again. At first I thought it was wind; but she doesn't seem to pass any. And in the day she passes wind with ease.
I have tried top up feeds in these times, but she doesn't want any. Nappy changes, tight swaddles, naked time, night time walking, rocking, singing, simply reading to her. Nothing works.
After her feed after one of these episodes, she sleeps happily until the next one. She sleeps wonderfully at day, crying only for food, change or attention. I've even tried keeping her awake in the afternoon. (something I feel really bad about doing.) But that doesn't work either.
She sleeps in her own room, with only a soft nightlights glow as I do not turn on her light at night time.
She screams as though something really hurts and it breaks my heart I can't help. Does anybody have any advice? I'm seeing my doctor late next week; should I move the appointment up?