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Mr 10 weeks Rss

My wee man has been a perfect angel up until last couple days he's sleeping well but trying to get him to sleep is a nightmare, he's breastfeed and has become very needy I'm a bit lost really first born and all
Hope you're coping ok!

Firstly I'd think about if they're sick (sniffly nose, sneezing etc) as this is the main concern for a fussy baby. If you're not sure I'd check with your GP or child health nurse for such a young bub.

Otherwise if they're not sick it probably just normal newborn fussing. Newborns often go through phases where they're super needy and fussy. At this early stage I'd just respond to their needs as much as you can as they'll probably change in a few days or week or so anyway. Often when they're undergoing a new developmental stage they become fussy and once they've learnt the new skill they settle back down.

You could think about introducing a sleep time routine to help them with the transition to sleep but to be honest I've never had much success with such young bubs!

I think with a first bub it's important to realise how hard it can be and that it's normal to sometimes need help (and these fussy periods are the time it's most helpful!). Try and get a support person to help you if possible.
Hi there thanks for responding!!
It's good to know I'm not the only one who goes threw this!
He normally has a great routine during day and nights
Up at 3:30-4:30 for quick feed back to bed
7:30 we are up for the day playtime and feed back down at 9;30-10
Up just before 11:30 for few hours back down by 1:30 till 3:30-4
Then up for a feed playtime bath and then from 6-7 he justs feeds and feeds then sleeps till 3:30-4:30 so I reckon he's a pretty good baby,
I just have gotten thrown out because he's never been like this, after reading some other convos I'm not the only one lol thanks again ????????
Sometimes they are unable to tell the problem it might be the stomach gas or wetness that is causing the disturbance and yes you aren't alone in this situation
Thank you for the advice I've since learnt half of his problem is he has a stuffy nose so am currently searching to see what I can do to help him poor wee man
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