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Seeking a cot mattress recommendations NZ Rss

Hi everyone,
I just joined the forum. I am pregnant with my first baby (due in August 2017) and looking for an advice.
I am trying to choose a cot mattress and got lost. We bought a secondhand cot on Trade Me, but I would like to invest in the best and safest new mattress. I found that INNATURE and Nature Baby are offering great organic options, but they are quite costly.
Is anyone here using their products? Can you recommend it or some other options to consider? Has anyone order US mattresses from Amazon?
Many thanks!
As for the brands you mentioned I honestly even never heard about some of them .. As for the recommendations, I love memory foam, prefer it to latex, spring and air, I guess a lot of people will support me as physically it is the most comfortable, safe and healthy. My sister tolerates latex only, but it can be allergic and even dangerous for people with asthma. I think to choose the most suitable one you should go to a store and to test all of them smile And later order at Amazon lol, as the prices are significantly lower there. Here is a helpful and very detailed guidance by the way on top 2017 models with references to Amazon, you can check it if you want to.

We have a touchwood mattress on ours which contains wool, I think from memory they’re about 350 from smiths city but to be honest most innersprung mattresses would be fine to use and once you add a mattress protector, underlay and a sheet you’ll never know the difference

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