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baby want to be held while a sleep Rss

Would anyone know how i can get my 6 week old to sleep by him self ? every time i put him down he wakes up and starts to cry , the longest i've gotten him to sleep by himself was 30min but he rearly every does it .
I've tryed putting him down while hes drowsy but awake. That didn't work he either cryed or ended up being wide awake and thinking its play time when hes tired .
I tried laying with him then when hes a sleep then i can get up but he wakes back up .
I swaddle him and then i put him down doesnt work. I tried not swaddling him still doesn't work.
He just wants to be held the whole time he sleep? Im a first time mum so i dont know how to get him to sleep on his own, I want to be able to put him down for his 2 hour sleeps so that i can clean the house or do what ever i need to do. Instead of relying on my family to hold him if i need to make me something to eat or go toilet or what evers ,
Any suggestions? Would help alot .

You could try babywearing in a sretchy wrap. Like a moby. That way he can sleep on you and you have hands free. Or try a white noise machine. Think about the sleep environment e.g. temperature of room.
That is such a hard situation to be in. My first daughter was exactly like that and for 6 months I had to hold her pretty much all day. She cried everytime I put her down and I couldn't let her cry. At 6 months of age, in desperation, I did the controlled crying thing, which broke my heart but worked in 3 days and from then on she would sleep alone. I don't have any advice because at 6 weeks old your baby is too little to be left to cry I think, and you probably couldn't let yourself do it anyway. The advice above is good I think - get a baby sling or carrier that will keep baby close to you but lets you have your arms free to get things done. This is a hard stage and you will feel like it's never going to end, but it will pass I promise. My next 3 babies weren't like it - they all slept by themselves and I didn't do anything differently. So I don't think it's anything you are doing wrong, it's just that some babies need the security of having mum close.
My 12 week old does this too. It's very annoying coz I can never get anything done. He will sleep amazingly in his cot overnight, but the day sleeps he won't let me put him down or he just wakes up. I'm not sure what the answer is, I've posted somthing similar on here not long ago looking for some help. I've tried a baby swing, my boy doesn't like it, but maybe yours might? And try the sling/carrier. I don't have one yet but am thinking of buying one to see if I can get more done.

thank yous for your replys i got a carrier but i feel like if i move tomuch he will wake up. i only brought it 2 days ago tho so still need to trial it out more see if he likes it ? I youtubed a video of baby soothing white nosie it gets him to sleep but he'll wake as soon as i leave him or a few mins after i've gone away ? , i've puting him in between pillows and put my top i was wearing on the pillows so that he still smells me ? Lol but he wont have a bar of it lol he just want to be held and be in my arms while he sleeps Lol .

Aww your such a great mother , i wouldn't be able to do it for 6months im getting tired now and hes only 6 week and plus im a single mother so i have no help from the father and have to rely on my family for help , i just want a bit of a break and be able to put him down i feel bad for saying thaf. i to think its to early to let him cry it out and I couldn't let him cry it out lol otherswise i'll be the baby crying haha. Aww i hope it passes thank you smile . How did you manage in those 6months ?
Southcoastchick: i know how you feel lol. My baby sleeps with me because he wont sleep anywhere else. I think cause when i had my baby i was in hospital for 4 days then got transferred back to the maternity hospital were i gave birth and stayed there for another 2 days and in those day i held him most of the time i was there cause it was easya for me since i was inpain and could bearly move my hipps for the first 3 days . my boy likes car rides tho he'll happily sleep then . I might have to try a swing thats a good idea .
How did I manage for 6 months? I don't know honestly.. I look back now and am amazed I stayed sane, but because I only had one and didn't have to be looking after others I managed. She would (by 12 weeks) go to sleep for the night (waking twice) at 7pm and then I could put her down after about 20 minutes when she was in a deep sleep. Then I would get my housework done, which isn't much when there's just two of you. Getting dinner at night for my husband was a challenge; I had to hold her all the time. Being a single parent makes it so hard for you, so I can appreciate how tired you must be. Just put him in that baby sling and get on with what you want to do, and don't worry if he wakes up. He is cuddled up against your body in there, and he will fall back to sleep eventually just from the motions of you moving around and getting things doné. GO for a walk outside with him in there, and get some fresh air and tell yourself that he will grow up and one day this will be much easier....I promise.
Good on you for doing it for so long tho smile, even doing your hubbys dinner , thank you for support and reassurance , I shall use the carrier ! smile
Good on you for doing it for so long tho smile, even doing your hubbys dinner , thank you for your support and reassurance , I shall use the carrier ! smile
yeah, I had the same problem (also a first time mum & 6 week old) until I bought a wrap...worked a dream!!! So glad to have two hands free and a sleeping baby. Also found that a pacifier/dummy has been a life saver. Had heard a lot of negative things about using them, ended up giving in to using them and was one of the best things I've done because it really helps settle her and once she is asleep she spits it out anyway. smile Good luck!!
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