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Wrapping/Safety T Sleep/Dummies Rss

Does anyone have any advice for me? My 4 month old is now too big for his bassinette and we have moved him to his cot. He has always had a dummy for bed time. We purchased a Safety T Sleep and the trouble is he knocks his dummy out with his hands now that he is not wrapped, and we are up and down all night putting it back in. We have gone back to wrapping him and we are not using his Safety T Sleep, so we can get some sleep. Not ideal, and we are feeling rather desperate as we know he doesn't want to be wrapped anymore. Please help!
You could wean him off the dummy? May be easier to do it now than later perhaps? Probably only take a couple of nights for him to forget about it. You could introduce a lovey instead like a blankie or soft toy (buy 2 or 3 the same and rotate them regulary).

Does he get upset when you wrap him? My son was wrapped for ages lol.... I think till he was about 5 months or so. After that he went into a sleeping bag with the Safe T sleep.

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