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Head covering Rss

My due day is in August and weather is not very hot during this month. And sometimes inside our flat is very cold. So, I thought that a small hat will help my baby to keep warm but i've read that it is unsafe to cover baby's head during sleeping.
So, what to do?
I have never heard this.
In the hospital I didn't have a hat small enough when our first son was born, the staff gave me a couple of hats to use. I continued using these when we came home, and my second son was born in August and he wore hats for the first couple of months.

I live in NSW too so I get your point, it's pretty bloody cold at the moment! I had my son 7 weeks ago in the start of winter, although its cold at home, I just wrapped him up and made sure the house was warm, I never used a hat on him while sleeping, just incase it comes off (which they regularly do) and somehow gets its over they're little face or nose, the recommendation is not to sleep anything except himself and what hes wearing and a wrap in cot with baby in case of SIDS. Keep babys room at about 22 degrees and you won't need a hat. As long as they're little bodies are warm they won't get sick.

Thank's a lot for advises smile
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