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This might be a silly question but is it possible for babies to have "separation anxiety" or is mine just a lil diva? My little girl is 7 weeks old and she basically doesn't let us put her down!
This makes settling her for sleep very difficult as we can't put her down while she's awake (I even have to sprint to the bathroom and back while she cries in her cot!) She'll fall asleep on me or my partner and once we think it's safe and she's really out, we gently put her to bed. If we don't get the timing right she'll be awake and upset either immediately or within 15-20 mins.
Also by 7 weeks should we be in some sort of "routine" I'm still feeding on demand every 2-3 hours and that includes during the night!
Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated smile
I don't know if its separation anxiety as such but it sounds like normal newborn behaviour. They take a couple of months to adjust being in the outside world.

As for routine I basically allowed one hour max awake times between naps or else baby got overtired. So wake, feed on one side, burp, nappy, feed other side, burp, few mins interaction then baby was ready for sleep which he usually did in my arms then I would transfer him to cot or swing or someone else lol. I'd aim for 1.5 hours sleep at least then start the cycle again. Rinse and repeat lol.

If you wanted to you could try settling her in her cot by wrapping her then putting her in her cot and patting her off to sleep. At least then you wouldn't have to transfer her to cot once asleep. But that does mean sitting in her room jiggling and or patting till she nods off.

Feeding every 2-3 hours day and night is exactly right and normal for this age. You'll get the odd lucky person whose baby sleeps through at this age but its not the norm. You will feed 3 hourly for the next few months to come during the day but it will eventually stretch out during the night. I think i started feeding 4 hourly during the day once my son started solids at 6 months.

Hope that helps

thanks smile
I agree with Pixie Chick.
She's still a newborn so be prepared to be attached to her for a while yet. Both of mine liked to fall asleep on me or DH. They like the warmth and they like to hear your beating heart. Just go with it for now, she's too young for any kind of routine. Feed her whenever she seems hungry - I never stuck to any kind of feeding schedule, after all, I'm not always hungry at the same time of day either. Those first few months are tough but you will get through it, just do whatever works for you smile
At Seven weeks Bub hasn't even worked out that she isn't still connected to you. They often call the first 3 months of a babies life the 4th trimester, because you basically need to carry them around with you like you are still pregnant with them.

While it may not seem like it now, before long this will pass (unless you get a Velcro baby like my dd2), and life slowly returns to normal. Just go with the flow with them at this age, do what ever is easist and works for you and your family.

I am big into baby wearing, so found wrapping bubs up with a stretchy wrap meant that I could still have hands free to at least eat, put on a load of washing etc. my girls just used to snuggle in and snooze and ever feed while I had them strapped on.

My son was the same and would only fall asleep whilst I was feeding him and wouldn't settle when I put him down. I ended up going to a sleep clinic which was so great. I think in the end I was my own worst enemy. I didn't want to hear him cry and felt that I needed to be there all the time. As soon as he cried I picked him up and tried to sooth him. The sleep clinic basically showed me how to put him down and then quietly leave the room. He cried for less than a minute and when straight to sleep for 4 hours. After months of being exhausted and thinking I was doing the right thing (and wasn't), this was such a big milestone. We never turned back from that point

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