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7 wk old sleeping Lock Rss

Tell me I'm not alone! Over the last 3 weeks my beautiful boys sleeps have slowly deteriorated to practically nothing during the day. This has been our night/day so far.
Breastfed at 6.30 and asleep by 7.30. Awoke and fed at 10.30 and straight back to sleep. The same again at 1.30, then 3.30, then 5.30 and then awoke to start the day at 7.30. He was fed at 8 am then asleep at 10ish and was awake again 45 mins later. He's back asleep now and I'm hitting the 20 minute mark and waiting for him to wake again. He normally has one more of these short naps during the day.

It's frustrating/upsetting because I'm not really getting any rest and I feel so sorry for him as he must be tired.

We went to the health nurse this morning for his needles and she weighed him and he came out at just under 6kg. He is exclusively breastfed. He's obviously puting on weight and feeds well but I don't know what else to do to make him sleep longer even though I know he "should"!!!
When my DD was around that age her day sleep was not great either. She would sleep on my for about an hour OR in her cot for 20mins. Either way I didn't get much done.... But it got better again! Just ride it out, his sleep pattern will change again before you know it...
This is my 3rd, 7 weeks now and she has days where she sleeps better than others. My two boys were catnappers, 45 minute cycles each time, and didnt outgrow them till 9 months or more. Each baby is different and although they should be sleeping a certain amount they dont always dont let people make you feel bad about that. Its still early days not all of them will be the same.
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