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10 day old sleep pattern Rss

my DD2 mia is 10 days old now and doing really good but i just wanted to ask if they can over sleep??
the last day shes been sleeping for 4 hrs at a time then has a feed (not that long sometimes) and then goes back to sleep for another 4 hrs! she has at least 2 times a day of awake time of up to a hr or more, where shes happy just to sit and have a look around or cuddle. im not complaining bout her sleeping - its great for me! but just want to know if they should be sleeping that much?
my DD1 was a sleeper still likes her sleep and was sleeping through the night by 5-6 wks, just cant remember if she slept this much so early on.
any advice would be great or if someone else is the same!
Your lucky andit sounds like you know it smile

DD slept and still sleeps like that. she wakes up about 3 times a day for 2-3 hours now, rest of the time shes sleeping and happy to just watch the world go by.

from 11 days old she goes to bed at 8-9pm then wakes around 5am. shes 3 months now smile

You are a lucky one I wouldn't be worried about it. Make the most of your baby sleeping. Make sure you get a good sleep too. Zara was the same although she was a slow feeder to start so by time I fed her she would be pretty much straight back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. Midwife told me to not let her sleep longer than 4 hours during day and 5 at night for the first few weeks until she seen lots of weight gain then she said let her sleep as long as she likes at night after that.

Saying that she is now 12 weeks old and some nights she still wakes every 3-4 hours and others sleeps 6-7 hours. I just put it down to her growing on the sleep deprived nights lol
oh and new babies can oversleep. I was told if they are sick or not getting enough to eat and losing weight they often sleep more which you can think is good but it leads to lower milk supply and sicker babies down hill cycle. As long as your baby is gaining weight and has lots of wet nappies then it is all good.
great post my bub is 10 days old too and was about to post the exact same question, she seems to sleep sooo much!! but my midwife confirmed that as long as she has a good weight gain (hers is great shes been feeding really well) and lots of wet and dirty nappies its ok!
its nice to read something reassuring smile
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