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Newborn won't sleep at night! HELP! Rss

My 1 week old is sleeping fine throughout the day but as soon as night time comes and we all go to bed, she decides to wake up and cry for hours!
The only thing that settles her is getting into bed with us. She will then fall asleep with no problems. I just don't get it!!

We put her in her bassinet for daytime sleeps as well so I just don't know why she is sleeping at day & not night. Any thoughts?

What should I do to try and fix this problem?? My husband & I are so sleep deprived and are starting to snap at each other sad
hi there, my friends just gone through simlar, bubs was great sleeper during day but not so much at night and then also wanted to feed heaps during the night.

The problem was that she was sleeping to much during the day so they started ensuring they woke her up by a certain time in the afternoon around 3pm and then tried to keep her awake for a while before putting her down to sleep for the night.

Could it be she is waking for feeding during the night maybe if she is sleeping heaps during the day she isnt getting what she needs during the day to get her through the night.

If things dont settle down remember you can ask for help and plunketline is available 24 hours aswell if you are in NZ. Sleep depreviation can be horrible, hang in there and congratulations on your new little bundle smile
Its pretty normal for this to happen smile pretty sure I did the exact same post when DS was 1 week old lol
You could try: (not all of these are for everyone but this is what I found successful)
rocking the bassinett
a dummy wink
letting baby fall asleep with you then moving her to her own bed
Keeping her up for longer during the day
Yep, sounds pretty normal smile It could be that she settles fine in the day because the daytime noise is comforting to her and then isn't used to it being so quiet at night. I wouldn't recommend keeping her awake during the day - it will only lead to overtiredness and then just more problems. If it were me I'd wake for feeds more regularly during the day, she might just want to cluster feed during the evening (which is pretty normal for newborns/babies) If you can give her extra feeds during the day it might help to alleviate the problem.
You have to change her sleep routine, it is like she thinks that night is day and day is night. You might have to put up with the over tiredness until her routine is changed... I wouldn’t let her for very long periods during the day. At the moment I have been trying to change my 9 month olds sleeping routine which involves waking her up really early no matter what time she goes to sleep... It has been a few days and it is starting to work of course she was over tired but good comes after bad. I also agree with the noise thing during the day that might be another reason.

I hope you work it out and can get some sleep!
Just a thought, if you think baby is not sleeping too much in the day time, could it be that baby is cold at night? And the warmth in your bed is helping baby to sleep?

Good luck and I hope bub will sleep better and longer stretches at night + congratulations!!
My two and a half week old son is the same. he is fine to sleep in his bassinet for a few hours during the day but at night time i put him down in it after feeding and settling him (He's asleep) and he starts stirring and wakes up even if i rock the bed and sing to him but as soon as he's back in bed with my partner and I he's sound asleep. I'm getting so tired
My 1 week old baby girl is doing the same! We've tried waking her during the day for extra feeds, put extra layers on her tonight, putting her back in bassinette once she's already asleep but she just keeps waking up! The midwives have said its fine as shes just adjusting to life outside but im Beginning to get frustrated that she wont stay in her bed. When should she be able to sleep on her own? Haven't been to sleep yet as am trying to get her into the bassinette zzz...
Why don't u just put her in your bed to sleep? If she is happy there just go with it. My daughter slept in our bed til about,she,is quite happy to sleep in her,cot.

Apologies for my replies, hope they make sense. I am usually typing one handed or interrupted halfway through wink

I wrote my own mobile phone app to put my girls to sleep. It's called Baby Soother by It works suprisingly well. But set the volume almost to max. Good luck.
I wrote my own Android app to put my baby to sleep (colic). You may try that also, it's free on the market (Baby Soother FREE). Good luck!
My son does this! When he does finally get to sleep sometimes he will sleep for one or two hours but normally it takes him a few hours of crying to get there.

He will fall asleep while breast feeding at night and i will hold him until he gets into a deep sleep but as soon as i put him down in his bassinet he stirs and wakes up.

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