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sleeping through Lock Rss

just wondering when everyones bubs starting sleeping through the whole night?

My DS1 slept all night from 8.5 mths of age.
our bub is only 3.5 weeks old but has been sleeping through since her 2nd night home/old

DD1 was around 7-8 months, DD2 was 4 months but that was with a dreamfeed at 10pm, she'd then sleep through till 6-7am.
geez janey you're so lucky. man if i have to wait for 8 months i think id pull my hair out lol

both my bubs were around 4.5 months, both with a dreamfeed at 10.30...
from 8-9 dreamfeed..hardly even dummy pop very lucky!..she usually does bout 7pm-7.30am/8ish

My 8 week old is technically sleeping through the night. He grizzles once or twice when he has come out of his wrap because of a hot night, but remains asleep. I re-wrap him and hop back in bed.
Mine started just after a month...but I am bottle feeding. While I hate that I had to bottle feed in the end, I found that I'm lucky in the respect that she sleeps through. I've heard around that bottle feeders do start sleeping earlier than BF babies, but by no means does it make it a better alternative just imo. Would have still preferred BFing sad
my bub is 11weeks old (6weeks corrected) is sleeping 9-10 hours of a night has been now for two and half weeks!!
To all sleeping through babies, has any of them used a dummy? My bub is 6 weeks old and hasn't used a dummy, but is now starting to find comfort sucking on my breast. I am thinking of using a dummy, but bubby keeps spitting it out. Should I keep trying the dummy?
thank you
If bub is just sucking for comfort then get trying the dummy you may have to keep puting it in every couple of minutes but if you just let bubsuck your breast that is what they will get use to and you wont be able to get anything done.
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