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sleeping through the night Rss

how long until bubs usually sleeps through the night? my bub is one month old.
My bub is almost 2 weeks old and usually sleeps thru the night, waking up for a feed or two.

My bub is now 91/2 weeks and last night slept through! woohoo!
He slept from 7 till 6 am.
He has been sleeping from 6 till 4 since about 6 weeks though.
Depends what you define as sleeping through? Dream feed at 10.30pm then sleep til 7am? My DS did that by 10 weeks with Gina Ford. For sleeping from 7pm-7am (no dream feed) I think was about 7 months - could probably have done it sooner but too scared it would send it all pear shaped!

Slept through for the first time at 11 months old.
Although it would be 'normal' to happen around 4 - 6 months.
my son slept through at 9 weeks . .

From 6 wks my daughter would sleep for about 6-8hrs at once normally waking at about 4am for a quick Feed.

From 9 wks she has started sleeping 7pm-6am

And from 11 wks 730pm-730am

In the last few weeks she has started to know its bed time around 630 onwards and prepares herself one huge feed.

Im so happy and proud of my little girl i hope everything continues this way lol.

In saying this she will only have a day sleep sometimes thats longer than 1 hr. She now catnaps all day sad
Hi. We all had a great night last night. Our little girl is 3 weeks old and we put her down to sleep at 10.30pm and she did'nt wake until 8.30am! I kept waking up every 2 hrs just to make sure she was alright. I know that we should'nt complain but is this too long for a 3 week old to sleep?

Hi Trish,

My 3wk old DD did the same last nyt only it was 8pm til 5am, i woke up in a panic!!

I asked a girlfriend who has a few kids (The_Baby_Maker) and like she said they will wake up wen they are hungry.

Think we should just count ourselves very very lucky

I have to say these girls are very lucky!! Probably not the norm though believe it or not!! My DS is only just sleeping through (7pm-5am) & he's 8months. He would have nights here & there from about 4months where he'd wake up only once. The true meaning of sleeping through though is a period of 5hours or longer.

At 3months, around 80% of babies wake up at night & need help getting back to sleep.
At 6months, about 75% regularly wake up at night & need help getting back to sleep.
At one year, 50% of babies wake & need help and up to 4years old, about a third of children still sometimes wake at night & need help getting back to sleep!

These are stats found by researchers Beth Macgregor & Anni Gethin on how normal babies really sleep. Staggering, isn't it!! Not trying to make it sound awful, just that it is soooo normal!! You aren't alone!!

Well turns out the 7/8hr sleep the other night was a fluke, she is back to every 4-5hrs

hi girls,
most of u sound very lucky with ur sleepy bubs!!
my bub has a routine and shes devised this herself i dont no how to change it, she feeds at 11pm, and stays awake until 2am for another feed, usually falls asleep but the last few nights has not settled untill 4am then sleeps untill 10 at the latest. how do i change this routine she has already gotten used to? its like her body clock tells her its 11pm so time to feed and stay awake!!
oh and another question, wat is dream feeding?
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