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Night sleeping Rss

My 6 week old DD slept for 10 hours last night without a feed. She went to sleep at 7:30pm and slept through to 5:30am. She then had a feed and slept for another 3 hours. Should I let her sleep or wake her up for a feed? The community nurse said that I shouldn't let her go longer than 5 hours without a feed. I am breastfeeding too...will it muck up my milk supply?
Hi there,
I was told when the baby sleeps let them sleep..
my baby slept from 9 till 5 in morning 2 nights in a row last week and i woke him for a feed at 1, and was told not to do that. i dunno if i mucked him up again then coz he now is bak to sleeping only 2 hours at a time sad

Let her sleep.. she will be fine.... smilesmile


At six weeks I would wake her. If it happens once or twice it probably won't make much difference but if she starts doing it regularly it may affect your supply.

That said, everyone is different and if your instinct tells you its okay then go with that.
I know I am trying to work out if I should wake my son, hes 3 months now for a roll over feed between 10 - 11pm or leave him to sleep but then hes likely to wake about 1am, honestly I would probably let her sleep, if she is sleeping through then I would let her if she is hungry she will wake. if you are concerned maybe take her to be weighed to be sure she is gaining and to maintain your milk you could express.
[Edited on 11/12/2008]
With my first I used to wake her every 3 hours, but in the end it caused nothing but grief for me and bub. My second I let sleep. She wakes up when she is hunger. I breast feed and have not had any problems. I have been ill for 4 days and couldn't feed, my milk dried up. But after a few times of force feeding it came back. Relax. You can be flexible. You can have a night out, put baby on formula, back on breast the next day. All those stories of your milk will dry up, baby won't attach once you give a bottle, your milk's no good, you need a special diet. It's all bull! Just be sensible.
To the OP - sounds like you have a great sleeper! Some babies do just sleep better than others - or rather, sleep for longer stretches sooner than others, which we mummies call "better". If she is content, doing plenty of wees and pooing regularly (whatever that means for your bub - can very from every feedtime to every couple of weeks, so long as it's kinda sloppy and not hard little pellets it's perfectly normal for bf babies), growing (in length and head circumference, not just weight), she should be fine. As far as your milk supply goes, it's during the first 6-8 weeks that you need to be most careful in terms of establishing your supply, but so long as she's feeding plenty throughout the day, your supply should adjust itself to suit. Boobies are pretty clever with these things!

With my DD, in the first week or so she just woke when hungry and I of course would feed her. After a bit I started waking her at 2.30am (she was going back to bed after the previous feed at about 11.30pm I think) for a feed, she would usually be settled about 3.30am, and then she'd be right through to 7am or so. After a few weeks I stopped waking her at 2.30am and just let her wake when she was ready, and gradually it became 3.30am, 4.30am, 5.30am, etc, until we would go in at 7am and wake her. For a couple of months now she has been sleeping 11.30pm-7am more or less (with the occasional earlier waking - 3.30am one morning was a shock!). She just slept gradually longer when she was ready. But all babies are different, some do it sooner or later than others - a friend of mine has a boy who is a day younger than my DD (4.5 months) and he has been sleeping 8pm-6am for about a month, maybe more - but he feeds more frequently during the day than DD does.

AJF1A7 - I agree with relaxing and being sensible...but I would rather give DD a bottle of expressed milk rather than formula (if she'd take it - we're having issues with bottle-rejection at the moment, another story completely). Missing one feed won't affect your supply much - but I'd still be careful for the first 6-8 weeks. Not saying don't do it at all, but because so many mums give up breastfeeding very early thinking they don't have enough milk (due to misinformation and lack of support mostly - a small percentage genuinely don't have enough, but the number is far fewer than most people would think), it is important to work on establishing your supply - which is where expressing some milk and leaving it for the father or another carer to give bubs if you have to go out, is probably better than formula. Also, formula is pretty expensive if you buy it by the tin, you can get single serve sachets or small UHT cartons of some brands, but if you're buying for the occasional night out...given that you have to chuck what you haven't used 4 weeks after opening...expressed milk sounds the better option to me. Plus, breastfeeding experts agree that there is a hierarchy when it comes to feeding babies: 1) breastfeeding; 2) expressed milk from mum; 3) donated expressed milk; and 4) formula. Why go straight to 4th best?

Some babies do prefer a bottle if given it too often - not all, some cope with it quite well and are always happiest back on the boob. But some do find a bottle easier and start to reject the breast in favour of a bottle - it's not bull, I've seen it happen. But I've never heard of it happening when a bottle is only given occasionally.

A lot of women in older generations were told all sorts of rubbish about the quality of their milk - too thin, too rich, etc, etc - and it is just rubbish. Nutritionally, no matter what you eat, your milk is always just what your baby needs. But other stuff than just nutrients makes it into your milk too (ie caffeine, alcohol, other chemicals), so a bit of being sensible about your diet etc is always wise. A special diet is rarely needed, though some women do find that certain dietary supplements helps their supply if it is a bit "low". And some foods are generally considered better to avoid as they can cause a bit of an upset tummy for bubs. Eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and drink lots of water are the most sensible rules to follow.

Happy feeding & sleeping!

Let her sleep!
My son was the same and I didn't know if I should wake him. Trust me if your baby wants to sleep through the night, let them. It's a blessing.
If they are hungry they will wake...

Hi there.
My 7week old son sleeps between 7 to 9hours a night I just let him sleep and dont wake him for feeds and I have found my milk supply hasn't changed I just find I wake with very full breasts and i just feed him till hes had enough which I am happy with and I have had no prbs with his weight gain and hes a very happy baby. My 4 year old was the complete opposite as he woke for feeds every 2 to 4hours so I think this is bliss lol. Every baby is different. My plunket nurse has told me im a very lucky lady.
Just go with what you are happy with smile

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