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Hi there
My little girl will wake naturally between 6:30am and 8am. I get up open the curtains, say good morning, change her nappy, change out of her pjs into her day clothes, feed her (breastfeed) in bed and then we get up for the day. She will watch me why i have my breakfast and we will talk and babble at each other and then by this stage shes been awake for an hour or so. She likes to have a nap now (in the living room in the light - i dont use the bedroom for naps) and will sleep for around 1.5hrs. Then she will wake up for a feed, a play on the mat, storybook etc then have another nap for around an hour. Wakes again around 1ish for a feed and a play and we go for a walk before her 3pmish nap (last nap of the day). Wakes again for a feed then has a bath around 430 and stays up until 6. Ill start feeding her from around 5pm on and off. 6pm its into her pjs (i say 'lets put on your pyjamas and go to bed, its bedtime'). I say this to her every night without fail so she always knows whats happening. She knows its bedtime and will have a little tired cry when i close the curtains and then i feed her for around 30 mins and put her to bed. Might have to go in to settle her once or twice but she will then sleep til 1am. Wakes for a quick feed and straight back to sleep until around 7am. Sometimes she will wake at 5am and want a quick feed. I never put the light, change her nappy (unless necessary) or speak to her during the night. Its working really well and it was worth following the same routine everyday as much as possible. Ps she gets a bit crabby at around 4pm until bedtime so the bath really helps.
MonkeesMum wrote:
Can anybody please share with me their routine for a baby around the 10-week old mark?
Mine seems to be changing everyday, but the last couple of days it has looked like this:

FEED 4:30am [business-like, goes straight back to bed awake and settles herself]

FEED 9am [sleeps for about 40min, sometimes she can sleep for 1.5 hours too though]

FEED 12noon [sleeps somewhere between 1 hour - 2 hours]

FEED somewhere between 3pm - 4pm [really varies with sleep, sometimes it's 40min sometimes 2 hours]

BATH @ around 5:45pm

FEED 6:30pmish


FEED 10 - 10:30pm can be very unsettled for this feed and may take a good 2 hours before she's in bed.

As I said it really varies day by day. Some days she wants a feed every 2 hours and I put it down to growth-spurts. I'm lucky that I only have to get up to her once in the night to feed [my husband does a bottle feed at 10:30pm], but the time between 6pm and 10:30pm is horrible. I know she can resettled herself cause she does this during the other sleeps. I suspect she's overtired but there doesn't seem to be any logic to her sleeping patterns. Some days she sleeps a lot, some days less, some days not much at all...but each night is the same. Anyway, thought i would try to get some routines from other people to compare. I think I'm doing something wrong with her sleeps during the day...too much? not enough?...who knows??
Thanks for listening.


About 6 months ago I was stuggling to get my baby to sleep and after visits to the doctor, sleepless night countless hours spent on online looking for something to help my child nothing worked.

I called and spoke to numerous day care centres and child car placesto see if anyone knew what could help my child.

It was really hurting me wathing my baby go through thiis night after night not being able to sleep feeling helpless and unable to help.

It was by chanceone day that I was ina chemist picking up some medicationand i was speaking ti the lady behind the counter and she told me about a products that her daughter had been using on her grand daughter and she told me to give her my number and she would message it to me.

The product was a life saver, within a few days my child was back to normal and sleeping again it was cheaper than everything else i tried.

Here is the product ( )

I am a huge advocate of this product and I have told all y friends and family about the product and some of my girlfriends have started using it and also swear by it.

I honestly cant think this lady enough for what she had done for me and my child esspecially.

Im sharing this i the hope it also helps someone one day.

[Edited on 13/03/2008]
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