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How long does C Section wound hurt for?. Lock Rss

Hi there I had a C Section 3 months ago and my wound is still sore mostly when cold or when I am really tired easy done with a newborn should it still hurt after 3 months?.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

Hi maree
i also had a ceasar and my scar also is a little tender at times - especially in the cold. I had previously asked my Dr how long to fully heal and she said to 100% heal inside and out can take up to 9-12 months. If you have real pain though i would seek medical advice as there could be a slight infection or something.
Good luck
Hi Maree

I had Erynn at the end of february and my c section scar still hurts. Especially when its cold which doesnt help when living in Victoria!!!!!

I had a c section 7weeks ago and am not having any pain from it. you have a mentiioned that it hurts more when its cold so i will be interested to see if this cooler weather brings me any pain.


i am 3 weeks post c section and i still have a couple of holes in my scar, but it is not sore at all just my stomach above where all the nerves have been cut and all the sensations are coming back. after my 1st c-section i am sure by 12 weeks it was all good
im hoping nothing changes and i dont jinx myself, but i had one 16days ago and my wound isnt sore at all anymore, ever... even in the freezing cold nights when i get up.hope the pain doesnt stick around for you much longer...

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

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