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Bleeding TMI i know! Rss

Hi Girls,

I had my son 5 1/2 weeks ago and i am still bleeding, is this normal????

He was a normal delivery with no complication except he was 4525g or 10 Pounds.

It isn't heaps and some times i think it has stop but it will only stop for half a day and then it is back.

As i said there is not much but sometimes it is red other times brown, what do you think?

Sorry i know this is a gross subject but i had to ask.

yeah it can be, it can let up for a few days and you think its stopped and then it will start again,,,

i started passing clots about week 4 which freaked me out as i was home alone with the kids, mention it to your midwife or doctor who ever is still looking after you
don't worry too much, it can go for up to 8 weeks according to the midwife with my last. If it is light and turning brown should be fine. Do you have a 6 week check up with your doctor or clinic, mention it to them.
Hmm im pretty sure i was still bleeding at my six week check up. I know how you feel. You just want it gone smile.
But just double check with your midwife - i was forever asking her questions.
It is normal, I bled for almost 8 weeks after DD was born (she was 4.61kg so another big bub! Although I don't think the size has any bearing on the bleeding). Here is a bit more TMI for you though!!! If it is smelly or if there is a lot of bright red blood then it isn't normal and you should go get checked out. If it is getting less and less then it is normal.
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